Jira Cycle time and lead time

Jira Cycle Time and Lead Time: 4 ways to analyze

How long does it take you to complete a task or project? Answers to this question will help you to monitor deadlines and team effectiveness. Forecasting and planning are top actions on the “to-do list” for agile managers. While some teams love to use velocity and story points, others like more real-world options based on time. Analyzing cycle time and time is the way to go. What is the difference between them? We’ll cover it in this article, as well as the tools you can apply to measure lead and cycle time in Jira.

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Dynamic Filter Jira JQL-Replacer

How Dynamic Filters: JQL Replacer add-on helps Project Managers each day

As a project manager, you may have several development teams in Jira to work with on a sprint. In addition, you may work in parallel with the other departments. E.g., Marketing to promote and improve your products; human resources to find new developers for future projects.
Let’s overview some common cases you may face every day and how Dynamic Filters: JQL Replacer will help you to speed up data sampling.

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