2020 in SaaSJet: New Decade – New Opportunities

Let’s embark on the new decade with a positive note – we want to express our gratitude to the past 2019 year with its challenges and victories. Especially we want to point out how much we appreciate our customers who have been with us since the beginning and helped us shape SaaSJet products! Thank you for your honest feedback and trust, it served us as a guide in clearing the direction to move forward. 

Let us briefly share with you what we have achieved through 2019

Countless business hours saved with our add-ons

Our company wants to help clients save one of the most important resources of business – Time. Therefore, all our applications were created to control the flow of working time. Currently, we are able to solve such problems as calculating data about issues status duration, setting SLA timing, monitoring history of changes at each issue, evaluation cycle and lead time. This year, we are working on making workflow control by our add-on more convenient and informative for clients.

4 cloud-based applications

Thanks to the hard work of our team, we have released 4 new add-ons: Time in Status for Jira Cloud, SLA Time and Report, Issue History, Time Between Statuses. As for the last one, we’ve even developed a server version of this plugin. This year we are providing another extensive research on the Jira users, so you can expect new add-ons from SaaSJet in 2020. 

Over 10 updates and 20 new features added

We grow fast, we develop fast and we improve fast. Our team doesn’t stop with the same results, and we work to improve the existing add-ons every day. So during the last year, we were able to make over 10 app updates, added more than 20 new features at plugins and about 15 new features are planned for 2020.


When you grow, we grow too

We consider our customers’ trust to be the greatest reward. Therefore, the number one priority for SaaSJet is to assure customers with great user experience to prolong their subscription. In 2019 the number of new customers was increasing every day, and, as a result, we have grown more than 28 times. We are very grateful to the many customers who have stayed with us since the very beginning and helped us improve our product. This year, we will do our best to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with our products. Our greatest goal is for everyone who starts a trial to stay with us after it’s ended. 

We are used all over the world

We are pleased to know that our products are being used worldwide. SaaSJet now has clients from 30 countries and from all continents. Most customers are from the US (more than 50%), others are from the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, and Denmark. Such information confirms that the quality of our applications meets the standards of the most developed countries. This year we will strive to provide our customers with even higher quality and better service.

You can expect new add-ons from SaaSJet this year as we are planning big. This year, as well as the following years, we focus on growing our company and therefore our products. But customers are our company’s greatest asset, so we’ll make sure to keep them satisfied with our solutions.

P.S. We also encourage you to comment on what features we should add to our plugins! And if you didn’t try them yet, subscribe to their trial versions now at Atlassian Marketplace 🙂

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