3 ways to feature an approval step in your business workflow in Jira

How frequently do you have to approve someone’s application or obtain approval from a certain individual? Significant flaws delays are common. Time and money have been wasted. Progress becomes stalled if critical processes aren’t denied or approved on time.

3 ways to feature an approval step in your business workflow

  1. Use Jira Service Desk
  2. Add an Approval step to a Jira Workflow Transition
  3. Add an Approval step to your workflow in BPM (Business Process Manager)

Use Jira Service Desk

Using the first method, you’ll need to manage with Jira Service Desk’s built-in capabilities to include an approval(s) as a required step in satisfying a client request. You can set up Jira Service Desk in such a way that requests aren’t forwarded to your service desk until they’ve been accepted.

Add an Approval step to a Jira Workflow Transition

Another option is to include an approval step in your Jira Software or Core workflow. The only drawback of this method is that you can end up managing a lot of separate, customized workflows.

Add an Approval step to your workflow in Business Process Manager

Let’s have a look at the way to incorporate an approval step into your company processes.

Approvals allow decision-makers to agree or disagree with important topics, as well as provide any further comments. That’s why we’ve added approvals to our Business Process Manager.

You can integrate any operations that another person is accepted by using the Approver step. In the order listed below, create approvals for a particular user or a group of users.

  1. Add Approval Tasks to your processes to ensure that important papers, tasks, documents, and decisions are delivered to you automatically.
  2. Accept or reject items and provide guidance in one click.

When you should use the negotiation processes?

Holiday and time-off requests, client onboarding, the hiring process are all examples of Approval use cases.


Holiday and time-off requests Approval Template

Everyday improvement of the business operations brings great outcomes for your company. You should find the time to relax to avoid breakout. Employees in many companies should submit their requested time-off dates to HR and their line manager. One of the simplest ways to manage this process more easily is to apply for holiday leave.

  1. Create a template for Holiday and time-off requests. 
  2. Add to the form all necessary fields that need to be filled in to get a vacation.

3. Add the approval step with a single person, or group of people in the following order.

This template has two approvals: one is for the administrator’s group and one is for the line manager. You can add as many approval tasks as you desire.

According to the start of the procedure and submission of the form by the assignee, all approvers can make a choice whether to approve or reject it.

Adding the approval tasks to this pre-existing template helps the previously streamlined process to become even more efficient and simple.

Simplify collaboration with your team

Ensure that your staff has access to approval processes whenever they need it. Assign tasks to your team, give them comments and keep track of how your checklists are progressing. Collaborate with your colleagues to make the best decisions you can.

Automate the processes to make them go faster.

Save time by automating time-consuming, error-prone processes such as approval checklists and the tools, software, and platforms you use frequently.

Summing up

Making efficient decisions, automating work, saving time and money are all advantages of using approval software.

Use Business Process Manager to make your approval activities easier.

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