2 ways to automatically add Jira checklist to your workflow

1. What is a Jira checklist? / Benefits

Checklist allows users to create checklists for Jira with custom statuses to manage issues or tasks

Automatically adding checklists to each new Jira issue is a desired functionality. One typical use case is having the “Definition of Done” available by default in each new issue, to make sure that either developers or testers take time to verify if the task is done by the definition the team agreed to follow. Another common case is tracking whether the ticket is ready for development. That may include making sure the bugs have reproduction steps included or that new features have acceptance criteria. The thing is about all those mentioned situations is that they all concern universal requirements that apply to most of the tasks you and your team face. You have to stand up to these standards because you want to deliver the highest quality service or product, of course. Still, human memory is faulty which makes it hard to remember every single step on your path to success (or “Done” if you prefer). It would be great when after entering your Jira issue, you could see the complete list of criteria that you have to fulfil?

2. How to create a checklist in the Jira issue?

Use the thirty-party applications from Atlassian Marketplace to create checklists in the Jira issue.

The choice of application will depend on the set of functionality you need. Therefore, firstly, we recommend that you think about what initial goal you would like to solve with the help of a check letter.

In this guide, we will show you how to implement checklists in your workflow at a more simple and more advanced level using add-ons:

3. How to automatically add checklists to your Jira workflow? – Simple way

Jira Forms & Checklists plugin gives you the ability to: track your ToDo, Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done. Split complicated issues into clear and smaller steps.

1) Create a Checklist Template. Add Action item to add fields that will be a checklist

Create a Checklist Template

2) Set up adding to issue automatically. Select Project and issue type

Set up adding to issue automatically

3) Once the task is created at the selected project, the checklist will be displayed in the task.

4. How to add checklists in the Jira processes – Advanced way

Use Business Process Manager.

Add info about that BPM is not only for creating checklists but also about implementing checklists inside the business process to collaborate team around processes, minimize routine tasks, and automate approval steps.

Include the Action Item field in your custom form to get a checklist in the issue.

The logic of creating a checklist in BPM is the same, but it can be used inside the process, without separating it from the workflow.

But it BPM – the system automatically creates an issue with a checklist inside (instead of F&C for Jira where we should create an issue before). In BPM, you can select the project, where the necessary issue type will be created.

which issue type must be created in which project

Using BPM you can set up schedules to check team members regularly. 

Add Approvers to step with a checklist. Once somebody submits a checklist, the approver could approve or reject it. You also can set up a change issue status after approval.

set up a change issue status after approval

Set up assignee for the Checklist. It could be one person or multi-assignee. If multi-assignee is selected, all the users will have their own task.

all the users will have their own task

Set up dynamic due date, if assignee should check it in time.

Set up dynamic due date

Also, you can add Process Blocker in any process step. It means the next steps of the process won’t create until the previous ones aren’t submitted. Add the Proces Blocker for an approval step too, ext. you want to approve an assignee checklist before he has started the next tasks.

add Process Blocker in any process step

To Sum up:

The checklist is a powerful tool to standardize processes and implement self-control. Check out SaaSJet`s tools (BPM and Forms for Jira) to make management more effective. 

jira checklist,recurring checklist Automatically add the Jira checklist to your workflow, track ToDos and Definition of Done.
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jira checklist,recurring checklist Automatically add the Jira checklist to your workflow, track ToDos and Definition of Done.

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