How to create forms in Jira Cloud

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Every organization can encounter an issue with effective communication among all team members, data collection, or sharing. Due to a lack of knowledge, data loss, misunderstanding, some processes can be significantly slowed down. When several teams or departments are involved in the project’s completion, the problem may become even worse.

The top 3 reasons for seeking more automation, according to Adaptavist’s “State of the Atlassian ecosystem” research, are the need to optimize business processes (64% of survey participants), reduce operational costs (45% of survey participants), and improve tool integration(42% of survey participants).

How can the task manager ensure that everyone works on the task effectively? Jira Forms is the answer.

What are forms and how to use them in work

Form in Jira: What is it and how to use it?

Jira Forms is the simplest solution for collecting additional data within Jira without having to customize the software. The manager can generate one form for each project, share it with the rest of the team or members of other teams, and have them fill it out and share it. That’s all there is to it. Everything genius is straightforward!

Forms come in handy when you need to do the following:

  • Collect and share the necessary data with your colleagues.
  • Submit your team’s work requests.
  • Assist project members in generating new issues.

Every time someone updates the Jira Form, it is available to all members with all the permissions. It facilitates the gathering and sharing of information. No matter if you’re a technical or non-technical worker – Jira Forms will simplify the working procedures for you.

Facilities examples to use Jira Forms and Checklists are Bug Reporting, and Triage, Broken Equipment, Change Management Normal Change, New Employee Orientation, Change Management Standard Change, Covid Tracking, Recruitment, Onboarding, Offboarding, Bug Checklist, etc.

How we can create forms in Jira

How to create forms in Jira?

Forms are available in Jira Cloud in the Jira Work Management project.

jira forms

To create a form, you need to Choose Forms from the left side of the navigation. Here you have such options to do: 




 ✓delete your Jira Forms. 

You need to give access to your Jira Work Management project for someone and give the permissions to create issues in order to submit a form to your project. 

Advanced tools to create forms in Jira

Advanced tools to create forms in Jira

You can utilize a third-party solution to produce forms and checklists if you use other types of Jira projects (Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Management). Forms & Checklists for Jira is one of them. It allows you to create custom proforma in Jira without writing any code.

The following are the primary features of Jira Forms & Checklists:

  • ability to create forms for all Jira projects
  • automatic or manual adding of different types of issues
  • adding additional items to create checklists
  • external forms that can be used for Service Management projects
  • add as many forms as you need [to be released soon]

Select Add form in add-on to create a new form. Then use available form features to create your proforma. Here you can  customize your forms with a complete list of fields.

create new custom form in jira

Checklists are an indispensable component of process management. To receive a checklist in the issue, add the Action Item field to your custom form.

Action Items - Create a custom checklist

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your daily tasks? Add a form to the specified project’s issue type automatically. From the dropdown list, choose as many Projects and Issue Types as you need, and the current form will be inserted immediately.

automatically add to an issue

The form will be added automatically once the problem is generated, but you can always add it manually. Each assignee can draft or submit the form.

form in issue

You can always check the status of a submission, look at submitted data, and export it from the issue. You can submit the form only once.

submitter status

No matter whether you choose basic Jira Forms or such Marketplace add-ons as Forms & Checklists for Jira, these tools can help you manage and enhance working processes, provide effective communication for your subordinates, and save you time.  So you can focus on more significant goals.

forms in Jira,Forms & Checklists for Jira Create forms in Jira to optimize business processe and reduce operarional costs
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forms in Jira,Forms & Checklists for Jira Create forms in Jira to optimize business processe and reduce operarional costs

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