How to Deal with Recurring Tasks in Jira? 3 simple solutions

When the recruiter asks you to describe your dream job during your interview, keep that question in mind. Did your description include any repetitive day-to-day manual work? I assume it didn’t. However, practically each job position contains several comparable duties that should be carried out often. Especially if we are talking about managerial positions.

Even if they are boring, they are crucial for the success of your project and team. Fortunately, we live in the era of automation, technology, and artificial intelligence. Thus, we’ll discuss Jira recurring tasks in this article and how to manage and automate them in Jira Cloud to make the workflow simpler and more effective to concentrate on more important tasks!

What are the recurring tasks, and why do they happen?

The answer is very straightforward. A repetitive tasks is physical work that should be completed by you, as a manager, within predetermined time frames. These are the second Friday of every month, once a day, once a week, once a month, etc. The following activities might develop into your repeated practices:

  • booking and arranging meetings;
  • data gathering and Jira workflow management;
  • data app transfers;
  • proofs and updates check-ups.

Depending on the industry you work in, there can be lots of duties, but you get the point. This is a repetitious activity if you have meetings with your team every Monday to go through the goals for the week. If you submit bills to your clients every Thursday, this is a repetitive task too. Paying your payments each month is a repetitive process as well.

How do Jira repeting tasks reduce a manager’s productivity?

How do Jira repeting tasks reduce a manager's productivity?

Many workers claim that they find repetitious activities to be dull and stressful, which makes the work more uninteresting than it is. 68% of the surveyed office workers stated they would like to do something different at work or take on a new duty but are unable to do so because of the volume of ongoing responsibilities. Even if the process takes only a few minutes each hour, it would still need hours of tedious repetition every week, costing a corporation up to $1.8 trillion annually. Stunning, huh?

Additionally, research has shown that accuracy might suffer as a result of physical and mental weariness brought on by repetitive tasks. When you act thousands of times, you become less aware of it each time. The “human error” element reaches its peak at this moment.

Finally, monotonous work stifles innovation. Jira recurring tasks may prevent you from moving forward, regardless of how much you encourage your team or yourself to be innovative and think outside the box. 70% of managers complain that the excessive amount of manual, repetitive jobs means they have significantly less time for strategic projects.

So, is there a method to stop the cycle of boredom and increase work productivity?

How can successful Jira Recurring Task Management increase efficiency?

Recurring task management that is thoughtfully created for your needs may have a big impact on your team members and your entire business. These advantages are: 

  • Assisting in the identification of crucial disciplines and procedures and making sure they’re not overlooked.
  • creating and sustaining beneficial behavior.
  • establishing a routine.
  • improving responsibility
  • minimizing busywork
  • changing the emphasis from minute details to high-level knowledge.


Giving teams clarity and aiding in time, may all be significant advantages. Distractions are removed, a routine is formed, and priorities and expectations are clearly stated. All of these can lead to sharper concentration and ultimately higher production.

Automation in the Jira Approval Workflow

Jira automation can help to schedule tasks too, but it has a limited amount of functions. You can accept or reject an issue from the issue view if you have been designated as an approver. Here are a few steps you should perform to approve or reject a request from the issue view panel:

  1. Open the issue view of the necessary request.
  2. Find the This requires your approval panel.
  3. According to your needs, click Approve or Decline the request.
Automation in the Jira Approval Workflow

How can add-ons help with the recurring tasks in jira?

To avoid overloading our readers with lots of information, you can watch a short video on how the Business Process Manager works below, Discover all its advantages and enjoy how it works.

When it comes to Recurring Checklists and Report this add-on helps with the repetitive processes. The main difference between Checklists and BPM is that BPM is a more complex tool that allows you to complete entire processes. Recurring Checklists and Report assist in the scheduling of tasks with a checklist creation. So, no worries! Every important tasks will be done in time because of a report that helps to track the progress of the checklist`s action item.

How to choose the best recurring tasks app?

We have prepared a comparative analysis of three recurring to-do list apps. So you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. 


BPM Checklists
Which problems solve? Building business processes in Jira Cloud. Automation and standardization of company procedures.  Managing recurring tasks, which consists of several important points that need to be done.
The mail feature – doesn`t require Jira automation and coding knowledge


– doesn`t require Jira admin access to implement changes

– no limitations as in automation

– the company doesn’t need an individual who will monitor the processes in BPM, any manager can do it

– Setting up a schedule for creating Jira issue with a checklist as a separate task

– a one-page report, which shows the status of the checklist item for the responsible person

Functionallity – Forms builder

– Form logic

– Multi assignee

– Schedule process automation

– Multi-level or single approver step

Conditional step

– Blocker

– Submission action

– Report on processes

Combining processes with automation and JQL, etc.

– Confluence-like checklist builder 

– Assignee

– Schedule (recurring)

– Detailed report


To sum up

Meetings, phone calls, emails, bills, payments, checkups, and other routine activities will never stop, but you should deal with them without additional effort. Scheduling and even remembering everything is tedious and daunting. It has an impact on productivity, the caliber of the job, and the employee .

But does it imply you won’t be able to handle it? Of course, no. The Business Process Manager or Recurring Checklists and Report add-ons may help you reduce repeated operations, which will save you a ton of time and streamline the workflow.

Our SaaSJet team is working a lot to comprehend your business requirements and identify solutions to maximize your efficiency. It will be interesting to hear a few things from you: how many repeating tasks do you have in your Jira workflow process? Have you already tried any add-on to simplify your Jira recurring tasks? If you haven’t yet, please, share your experience with us after using one (or a few) add-ons mentioned above. Each of your comments helps us become better and more efficient for our customers.

Let yourself enjoy the working process immensely with the add-ons that simplify workflow. Each of them you can try at the Atlassian Marketplace. Installing will take a few minutes, but results will always impress you.

recurring tasks in jira,recurring checklists Manage recurring tasks in Jira to focus on activities that streamline processes.
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recurring tasks in jira,recurring checklists Manage recurring tasks in Jira to focus on activities that streamline processes.

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