How to manage your team without the time tracking tools?

It’s challenging to assess team success without knowledge about one of the most important resources – time. To keep track of time, you can use time management software. Managers are well aware of how difficult it is to compel employees tracking of their working hours. As a result, tracking the work on issues of each team turns out to be one of the most challenging jobs.

The Time in Status for Jira Cloud add-on is created to solve this issue. It allows you to compare how much time a task has spent in each of the statuses, as well as how long a person has been assigned to it.

This tool has several advantages, including the ability to analyze historical data in addition to automatic time calculation. You will always have access to archived data, regardless of when you have installed the program. You can examine and evaluate problem areas in old issues to prevent them in the new ones!

Let’s discover how you might assess the effectiveness of your team.


Time in Status report for each assignee.

This report provides Jira time in status info for issues assigned to the person you require. This data allows you to determine which stage of the problem-solving process takes the longest. Then you’ll need to look into why the delays have happened. This add-on helps you draw conclusions and make additional efforts to increase staff efficiency.

How to get: Choose a Time in status report and filter the issues by the assignee based

The total amount of time each assignee has spent working on a particular issue.

Time in Status for Jira Cloud allows you to keep track of all users who have been assigned to a specific issue. It also displays how long each person has been in charge of each issue. This data allows you to assess the efficiency of the job and the human resources that are included in it. You may also use this data to track staff productivity and make future choices to increase team efficiency.

How to get: Select an Assignee report. You can choose other options to select the issue list by JQL, project, filter, sprint, date range, etc.

You may also use the app to track Assignee time for user groups. You can add a separate column in the time report where all summary data will be presented if you need to calculate the time for a particular team (such as developers or QA-s). 

Track whether anyone else has been working on a particular issue too.

Easy settings of Time in Status for Jira Cloud show the data on how many people have been assigned to each issue and how long it takes them to complete it.

How to get:  Select the Assignee time report and choose a necessary assignee from the issue list. 

You may monitor who has been working on a task except for the particular assignee on the screen below. Based on these facts, you can draw the following decisions about the team’s roles and duties.

Your team should move tasks to the appropriate statuses according to the stage of work, or your Jira includes integrations that change task statuses automatically instead of workers to get accurate data.

Exclude holidays and non-working days(hours) from the calculation to get proper results. You may create individual calendars for each team member if they work on different schedules.

When management determines some issues with delivery procedures, Time in Status for Jira Cloud feature allows to review historical data and identify bottlenecks in the workflow. You may also keep track of who is responsible for the delays. You’ll be able to look back on the circumstance with the help of Time in Status for Jira Cloud reports.

This is how you can keep track of your time spent without using time monitoring tools. We hope you have found this article helpful. Please, get in touch with us via email: [email protected] if you have any more queries.

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