How to set up a Quiz in Jira?

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Do you need to test employees’ knowledge regularly? There are plenty of specialized programs, but they can be too expensive to purchase.

Make your quiz in Jira Cloud and assess anyone’s skills, knowledge, and competency.


How to set up a Quiz in Jira?

For this aim, you can use a third-party application like Business Process Manager (BPM). It allows you to build templates quickly and turn some questions into a quiz. Let’s take Fire Safety, for example.

At first, create a workflow template and add information that the person must study. All questions need to be answered.

If you want to make a quiz from questions, add fields with selection (Dropdown, Multi choice, Checkbox, Radio button). 

Make form as a quiz in Jira Cloud

In the field settings, mark the correct answers so that the field turns into a quiz. There may be one or more correct answers.

Mark the correct answers in form fields so that turns into a quiz

After answers are marked as correct, select an Assignee, Project for each step and save the Process Template.

If you need to create the same tasks for different people in charge – create copies of the steppes with the correct settings of the assignee and the project.

Select an assignee and progect to your issue in process template

Great! Now your Fire Safety Quiz is ready to start.

Start your workflow based on template

How does it look for an assignee?

Once the process runs, all issues will be automatically created for the right person. The user will be able to view the training materials and pass the survey immediately in the task.

Quiz in Jira forms

The result will be displayed after submitting the form, assignee can check the answers and see the overall outcome.

Check the answers in quiz and see the overall outcome

The result will be displayed after submitting the form, assignee can check the answers and see the overall outcome.

Schedule repetitive workflow to start automatically in the right time

Connect with Jira Automation

If you need to start a process after a specific trigger, you can combine it with Jira Automation. Just get the Start Template URL and set up an automation that get web request after the selected trigger.

Automate your process start by Jira Automation

To Sum Up

In this article, we’ve covered the way to create quizzes for Jira Cloud using the BPM add-on from SaaSJet. Business Process Manager has an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly build quizzes. There’s a 30-day trial version of the toolkit. Try how many quizzes you can create during this time.

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