5 simple steps to make a Jira Employee Onboarding

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Why is Jira Employee Onboarding Important?

How was your first day on the job? The organization should successfully organize the onboarding and integration processes to receive a favorable response. According to statistics, a new employee completes about 54 tasks in the first 54 days at a new job. It works best when a new hire knows which way to go. There is a solution – certain Atlassian Marketplace add-ons have simplified the Jira onboarding process. Let’s examine how they can help your new hires settle into their new workplace swiftly and easily.

Over 1200 companies worldwide use Issue Templates. These are Audi, Deloitte and Hewlett Packard. You may ask:” Why should I use them?” The answer is – the Jira Templates are fast, reasonable and smart. People are frequently dissatisfied with how much time they spend working in Jira. If your team struggles with everyday tasks, you can help them by adding several helpful templates to your workflow. It is unlikely that someone will mistakenly leave specific fields empty or not include a crucial piece of information. Instead of having someone teach new team members how to submit tickets, the app will help them perform better.

One of the most important templates for Jira users is the Jira onboarding template. The process of onboarding a new employee is always tricky. The HR manager wants to start working with the employee as soon as possible. The employee only wants the space and resources they need to begin the work, while HR wants nothing to happen until all the legal paperwork is finished. As you can see, HR workflow automation is crucial to make the workflow smooth and convenient. 

Follow 5 simple steps to make a jira employee onboarding workflow more smooth with BPM.

Those who assist others with onboarding should be aware that several nuances are dependent on the number of people involved and the tasks that should be completed. It’s essential to keep in mind that you may lose some crucial information, but storing everything on paper isn’t the most practical way to save data.

Our SaaSJet team is confident that checking the statistics, sticking to the schedule, and using simple tools can overcome these issues. The Business Process Manager is a new product that we have developed recently. This add-on aids in making Jira onboarding workflow superficial and convenient. It’s essential to structure the onboarding for allocating concerns to a particular person or group. 

Business Process Manager also allows for creating Approval Steps and Conditional steps. Do you know the importance of these functions? If not, let’s learn with us. 

All Jira templates for issues have been created in sequential order (Step A, Step B, Step C, etc). In other words, if the process needs additional actions from partners to access some app, it’s necessary to set the Conditional Step as extra work for those who need those partners’ access.

With the Approver step, you can streamline Jira processes that another team member has already accepted. Set up a flexible approval workflow without coding in sequential or multi-stage order. Your team members can edit and improve workflow in a minute with Approve/Reject functions. When a responsible person chooses to Approve or Reject some action, the system will add a comment to the issue. Then you’ll get an email or Jira notifications about some changes in the task.

Let’s have a look at a real-life example with step-by-step instructions.

  1. When the add-on is installed, go to the Templates and Create or use a predefined Template.

Templates in BPM
  1. Organize your Steps and Groups in the new Jira Template.

Steps are tasks that should be completed as a single Issue, and the Group is the Steps’ parent element. Whether to use the Groups or not is entirely up to you.

Every Step in the Template should have its form, which should be submitted by a certain person.

Workplace setup, contract preparation, further clearances from the management team, permits, and so forth are all part of the Jira onboarding process.

To begin the onboarding process, gather the required personal information, as shown in the sample below. As a result, the HR Admin will fill out the form with data about the new employee.

Organize your Steps and Groups
  1. To add Goals for the probation period, you need to choose Assignee from the drop-down list.

Then, set up the forms and assign them to the employees from both the IT and Security departments. It assists in preparing the workplace and providing access to relevant applications properly.

assign each step to each assignee

You should include in the Template even such small details as giving an office tour or showing the best cafes with the tastiest food. In this instance, every detail matters.

  1. You can use a Template for the first time when requires for your purposes.

To begin, select a “recently created” field from the Templates list. After that, press the “Start” button.

start process modal window

The system automatically produces Issues for each Step you add to the Jira Template.

It will appear for the assignee as a regular task with the form included.

bpm form in jira issue

Then she should submit the form. The data will be stored here or shared in default Jira fields, depending on the settings.

bpm form in jira issue
  1. In the Process tab, keep an eye on the Jira employee onboarding process and see if all allocated workers have completed their tasks on time to make the onboarding process go smoothly.

As a result, right from the first day, all of your new hires will rave about how beautifully you’ve organized the onboarding process.

Which aspects of the onboarding process can you tell us about? What tips do you have for making new hire onboarding easier and more convenient? Get a 30-days free trial and find more benefits for your Business Process Management by using the BPM add-on. Make your Jira process and the company’s everyday activities more automated.

Make your Jira process and the company’s everyday activities more automated. If you like watching videos more than reading, you can watch our video tutorial.

jira employee onboarding Are you looking for a way to set up Jira employee onboarding? Here's a short guide for Jira users.
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jira employee onboarding Are you looking for a way to set up Jira employee onboarding? Here's a short guide for Jira users.

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