How to organize Jira recruitment workflow using Jira BPM?

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How to organize HR Processes using Jira BPM?

Tired of dealing with lots of paperwork and struggling with administrative bothers?  

As you may know, Jira has recently released Business Type projects that involve all kinds of business units, – such as HR, Finance, Sales, etc. 

As an Atlassian Vendor, we’d like to propose Business Process Manager, a quality-of-life add-on we released a few months ago.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to deal with some business processes:

  • Recruitment
  • New employee onboarding
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee offboarding


Regardless of the type of process, the logic of template creating will be identical and will include the same steps. For convenience, the BPM add-on already has predefined templates of all 4 processes that you can safely use after installing the add-on in the current form or customize according to the specifics of your company.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the onboarding example.

Everyone in charge of onboarding understands that it involves dozens of people and sub-processes. It’s easy to lose important information when keeping everything on paper.

How to simplify Jira recruitment workflow onboarding in 5 simple steps?

1. Install Business Project Manager. When an add-on is installed, go to the Templates and create a new one or use predefined.

create process template
  1. In the new Template, create and organize Steps and Groups.

2.1. Steps are tasks that should be completed in a single issue. Group is a parent element for Steps. The use of Groups is optional.

2.2. Each Step in the Template has its form, which an assignee should submit.

custom form builder in jira cloud.
  1. Set up the Dynamic Due Date if it needs to be done in deadline. It can be based on some specific trigger like form creation, process starts or previous steps form submitted.
set up denamic due date in jira forms
  1. Select your Template from the “Recently created” and run it by clicking Start.

When it started, the system generates issues for every Step in the Template. It will look like a regular task with the form inside for your Assignee.

  1. Keep track of the whole process and make sure everyone involved did their job well to make the onboarding process go smoothly.

Moreover, add-on features can make it even more efficient and helpful:

  • Process Start scheduling. You can set the date when the Annual Performance review should be assigned – for instance, every six months.
  • Destination field synchronization. Any submitted data within the form can also be mapped to Jira custom fields.
  • Start the process with the 3-rd party app trigger. Each process generates its Start URL, which may trigger other apps or Jira Automation.
  • Access restrictions.

It’s essential to automatize and standardize such human-reliable repeating processes because it removes any human-factored mistakes.

The recruitment process in Jira done more efficiently with a bit of automation 

According to our experience, the primary problems are the stages and structure of the process itself. You can fix this with BPM by automatizing the process. 

Once you have set up a process template, all subsequent processes will be standardized and you can be sure of all the important steps.

background check custom form in jira

Integrate your Employee’s performance review process into Jira Cloud

Performance Review Template is a crucial tool for HR administrators that helps you control your workers’ performance. 

It can contain general employee information and feedback on essential competencies your company may value, like communication, leadership, time management, etc.

workflow template in jira

The offboarding workflow in Jira Cloud without missing

70% of former workers have access to a database or equipment after leaving the company.

A structured employee offboarding procedure not only protects your company from legal and security risks, but also allows you to get honest feedback from workers on how to improve it. As a result, it is necessary to create a business process.

This may include:

  • Transferring employee’s job responsibilities
  • Deactivating access rights and passwords
  • Turning in equipment
  • Conducting exit interviews to collect feedbacks
The offboarding workflow in Jira Cloud

Essentially, offboarding ensures there aren’t any loose ends when an employee leaves the company. So, you don’t end up emailing a former employee fortnight later requesting their ID badge, for instance.

We believe that our product will ease your job and help you organize and fasten many business processes. Try it free and let us know if you have any questions.

jira recruitment workflow,Jira BPM Improve Jira recruitment workflow and keep track of HR procedures using Jira BPM
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jira recruitment workflow,Jira BPM Improve Jira recruitment workflow and keep track of HR procedures using Jira BPM


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