5 tips on process optimization for remote team work in Jira

Remote agile teams face several challenges in simplifying processes and enhancing collaboration on the heels of increasing customer demands. One way for teams to stay on top of these challenges is to optimize mundane business processes through a dynamic project management solution like Jira. Through process optimization, leaders can maximize their available resources in automating business processes to eliminate errors and help their teams serve customers better.

A Forbes report reveals that organizations using process optimization improved resource utilization by 10% and reduced overall expense. Regardless of its overwhelming advantages, many leaders, especially those with little technology experience find process optimization in Jira to be complex. In this article, we’ll provide you with easy steps to achieve process optimization in Jira for enhanced remote working and collaboration in agile teams.

1. Create a Robust Communication Plan

It is not uncommon for remote business teams to face unnecessary risks in the agile project lifecycle. Often, this is a result of inadequate communication with remote team members. In fact, a separate Forbes report reveals that over half of unsuccessful projects can be attributed directly to the lack of effective communication. Unlike other tasks, projects using agile methodology usually rely on communication because of the team environment and the need for sufficient understanding of business requirements. 

Therefore, business leaders must develop a robust communication plan that includes remote work agreements and a channel of communication for the entire project lifecycle. By communicating effectively, you can provide a clear understanding of agile teams ways of working and set performance expectations throughout the project lifecycle. Through constant communication, you can also prioritize collaboration and information sharing between involved parties to ensure alignment and allow for quick pivots and decision-making throughout the process. 

2. Use Time Tracker

Accountability in the workplace fuels business success and unlocks more opportunities for growth. However, it can be challenging to implement, especially with employees spread across several geographic locations due to the pandemic. Usually, remote employees find themselves procrastinating when working without supervision because of a multitude of distractions. 

One way to reduce this issue and monitor team efficiency is to use a time tracker for Jira to reinforce accountability among remote teams. By using a time tracker, employers can determine when the assignments are completed and how much time was spent into each task. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of remote teams to complete jobs with better efficiency and they are more likely to hold themselves responsible for their progress throughout projects.

3. Leverage Jira Work Management

Taking advantage of Jira work management is another alternative to achieving process optimization for remote teams. By using Jira work management, organizations can monitor all activities referred to as work. This can include handling approval processes, conducting daily and periodic tasks or perhaps creating documents. 

This allows business leaders to identify quickly what’s working, what’s not working, and make simultaneous changes in real-time. Thereby, maintaining efficiency in distributed teams and reducing budget overruns. By performing real-time changes to your processes, you can help remote teams become more effective at their jobs, resulting in higher returns on investments.

4. Use the Right Collaboration Tools

The right collaboration tools are vital in a remote working environment. Remote agile teams leverage these tools to gather data or requirements, report and handle issues, and monitor progress and quality. Therefore, businesses must use their teams with innovative collaboration tools to reduce errors, quicken work processes, and ensure successful project completion.

One of the leading collaboration tools that businesses can use is a project management software platform. With a project management software solution, remote teams can ensure improved task planning and scheduling while simultaneously ensuring effective risk mitigation and task delegation. By establishing a definite plan, you can ensure consistency and prioritize tasks for the project’s success.

5. Set Service Level Agreements

Setting service level agreements (SLAs) is one of the agile best practices for remote teams. As consumer demands spike and additional distractions hamper employee concentration, it is not uncommon for remote teams to miss consumer issues and requests. This often results in more problems and chaos that usually ends in customers terminating the relationship and leaving your business for a competitor.

By setting SLAs, you can help your remote teams deliver the most appropriate response and resolution to customers, ensuring higher satisfaction rates. The advantage of SLAs is it classifies and displays the cases in a list by predetermined priority levels. This way, your remote teams can focus their efforts on urgent issues while simultaneously achieving higher SLA compliance ratings. 

This also stresses the importance of having the right people in your team and the right tools for your processes to ensure successful implementation of processes. Since the world is increasingly becoming more tech-driven, more companies are looking for experts who understand computers, networks and technologies. With the increase in demand comes more individuals taking up an online degree in computer programming.

Achieving Process Optimization for Remote Team Work in Jira

The importance of process optimization in a remote work environment for agile teams is too hard to ignore. Therefore, leaders must take advantage of powerful software tools such as SaaSJet to skyrocket business efficiency. Using SaaSJet, organizations can monitor SLA statuses of their issues and generate reports automatically. SaaSJet is available for free for a limited time but users can contact the provider for its pricing packages.

process optimization,team work Streamline your workflow and process optimization with Jira solutions and increase your team work efficiency.
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process optimization,team work Streamline your workflow and process optimization with Jira solutions and increase your team work efficiency.

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