What system do you use to handle your company processes? Is it still documents, spreadsheets, or various helpful apps?

Process Street is one of the most widely used add-ons for managing business workflows. This add-on is popular because it’s simple in setting up and using a whole team. 

What if the company uses Jira for its purposes? Furthermore, Atlassian controls all user management operations. What’s the greatest way to get confused with those cool apps? Isn’t it better to use APIs and such third-party tools as Integromat?

Let’s have a look at these ways for integration. 

Process Street & Jira

The following actions are available using Jira and Process Street’s integration:

  1. When a task is completed, the next step is…
  2. When a workflow run is completed,

The following actions are available:

  • Create issue

A third-party ext. Integromat add-on has more triggers available:

  • Watch Issues, 
  • Watch Tasks, 
  • Monitor Workflow Runs.

It has additional features:

  • Add a Comment, 
  • Add an Attachment, 
  • Assign an Issue, 
  • Create an Issue, 
  • Delete a Comment, 
  • Delete an Issue, 
  • Get an Attachment, 
  • Get and Download Attachment, 
  • Get an Issue, 
  • Make an API Call, 
  • Remove Attachment, 
  • Transition Issue, 
  • Update a Comment, 
  • Update an Issue, 
  • Upset an Issue, 
  • Create a Comment, 
  • Create a Workflow Run. 

In third-party programs, the amount of operations is always limited, because it is determined by the price you pay.

The dilemma is whether you should use Process Street or Jira Cloud to organize your processes. Of course, neither program is flawless, just like any other. There are certain flaws in the system.

Let’s overlook the features of Jira and Process to see why businesses prefer the second one for SOP  (Standard Operating Procedures) management.

BPM & Jira

Imagine being able to control all of your processes within Jira if there will be no need for integrations or using lots of different apps.

We have developed the BPM (Business Process Management) add-on to provide this option for you.  Within the Jira ecosystem, it allows you to standardize common company practices and track all process actions.

The main features of the BPM:

– create a process template with all the necessary steps to complete;

– add the form to submit, instructions, checklists, assignees, issue type, and project to each process step;

– use a template just in one click – select people for creating tasks with detailed information;

– keep track of all active processes on the Processes Tab;

– add additional security rules to your templates using restrictions;

– set up a scheduled process and forget about routine tasks;

– change the workflow easily whenever you need it.

So, if we compare Process Street and Jira + BPM add-on, you can find a reasonable alternative on the Atlassian marketplace.

The number of features is still much lower than in the Street Process, but we are working to improve it regularly.

The amount of features is still far less than in the Street Process, but we’re constantly improving it.

We’d like to hear your thoughts about the BPM add-on to figure out where we should go further. What Jira options would you find beneficial for organizing a workflow?

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