Stay informed about any overdue Jira issue

Do you want to control all the tickets that are delayed in their solution? Therefore we have upgraded our add-on Time Between Statuses with functions that will help our users to be informed about workflow bottlenecks.

What features added?


This is functions for setting email sending according to time triggers. To clarify, it lets notify people about issues where there are overdue Warning and Critical time limits. So once limits are exceeded, selected users will receive the notifications as a comment in Jira issue and email. You can read and view more information about notification in the Documentation.

Stay informed about any overdue Jira issue

Issue View Panel

Further users of Time Between Statuses can easily track and monitor workflow transition time at certain issue level. Our add-on will activate the special menu item in Activity drop-down. And there are users can get graphical and numerical data of a particular issue.

As the result white line on the graph represents current progress – the issue movement with respect to time limits.  And the color segments show the time intervals the task passes through. For example, green color means accepted time, yellow – warning time and red – critical limit. Clicks on the graph show detailed numeric info. Moreover, data can be represented in days, hours and minutes. Read more about these features at the Documentation

Stay informed about any overdue Jira issue

Product tour

Also, we added the product tour, to simplify the onboarding.

How to use it?

If you have installed the add-on just go to Configuration manager to set notification. And view data on issue view panel – just select “time between status” in Activity drop-down menu.

Haven’t used our app yet? – Install Time Between Statuses on Atlassian Marketplace and check all its features.

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