Time to SLA for Jira Issues

You asked, we listened. Recently we’ve released the new version of SLA Time and Report application!  It’s another step in our master plan to fuel your teamwork productivity. Here’s a quick update of the new changes in the configuration manager.

Calendar for each SLA Config 

With diverse team schedules in mind, we’ve added a new calendar option that allows you to add separate work schedules for different SLA Configurations.

calendar for sla

Expanded Start/Stop/Pause capabilities

Now the list of capabilities includes additional points that make SLA config even more flexible. This feature allows you to be adaptable at the setting condition when the timer should begin and stop. 

So the system will fully reflect all your Project’s standard and custom fields. It’s done with the purpose to cover even very specific cases your workflow might have. At Start/Stop/Pause conditions, you can choose standard and custom issue fields for every project. For example, depending on your project’s issue field settings, it can be Status, Assignee, Issue Type, Summary, Description, Labels, and others.

Custom Fields

For fields with text (like Description, Summary etc.) you can set text as the trigger to SLA timer, according to the conditions: Is empty, Is not empty, Equal to + (text), Not equal to + (text), Includes + (text), Not includes + (text)

Number fields like Start – Due Date and other similar, – except “ is empty”, “Is not empty”, “Equal to + (date)”, “Not equal to + (date)” have such variants: More than + (date), Less Than + (date), Between + (date)

Triggers for Time Limits

Additionally at the new add-on version, you can choose to automate action for overdue issues. There are such triggers:

  • Notification – auto-posting comments with the watch person to the breached limits issue. If you haven’t changed the notification settings in Jira, you will receive an email with the SLA warning.
  • Changing assignee – change users to issue assignee when SLA reaches the time limit
  • Replacing priority – turning issue priority for overdue issues.
  • Editing status set status to which the issue will change when the SLA overdue.
Custom Triggers

Besides the changes listed above, we’ve added other updates to our SLA Time and Report add-on:

  • New SLA widget on the issue view page
  • Updated Timer Display on the issues list – one column per SLA
  • Popup with the SLA config on the issues list

With this major update, we want you to increase the work effectiveness of your team. You can switch to the upgraded version through a pop-up at the main screen of the app. If you haven’t tried the add-on yet, you can always start a free trial.

Also, to get a full description of the add-on functionality, you can check SLA Time and Report  Documentation.

If you have any questions, want to share feedback or request a feature, feel free to contact us!

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