Boomerang: Reminders for Jira Issues

Focus on Jira issues that are important for you. Never miss top-priority tasks

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Boomerang: Reminders for Jira Issues
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Set Reminders for Jira issues

With Boomerang: Reminders for Jira Issues, it will be easier for your team to meet deadlines. Prior Jira tasks will never slip out of your attention.

You can specify the message and choose time, assignees and recurring settings. It’s also possible to set several reminders for multiple recipients on the same issue.


You’ll receive reminder letters when the time comes:

  • via a comment in the Jira issue
  • via email after notification comment added
get users notified
manage reminders

List of Jira Reminders

On a single screen, you can view the entire queue of created reminders. View the status of your reminders and manage the ones you need.

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