Business Process Manager (BPM) for Jira Cloud

Try a simple way to build and run team-friendly business processes using Jira.

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Business Process Management
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How to optimize recurring processes using
Business Process Manager for Jira Cloud?

Create Workflow Template or use an existing

Create Workflow Template or use an existing one

Run process based on template

Run process based on a template

Monitor progress

Monitor progress

Build cooperation between people around the process
with a no-code add-on for Jira Cloud

create workflow jira

Create a simplified workflow Template or Use an existing one

Process template is a set of forms, checklists, and instructions users can set for further assignment.

Create a template or use an available one for each repeating task. Automate Jira workflows across teams and departments in a few seconds.

All standard operating procedures (SOP) will be standardized, and no important steps will be lost.

Control Processes using real-time insights

Track the number of completed tasks, detect delays, and make a decision.

Analyze an active or completed issue workflow and the one assigned to you.

Identify critical points and use them to improve the process.

jira simplified workflow
saas jira work management

Download form reports to analyze more

Get the Form submitted results directly in Issue in Excel format. 

Play with data linked to Issue fields by native Jira functionality, eg: JQL, API, Automation.


More features

Create complex forms Jira Cloud

Create complex forms with a simple drag and drop menu

Built the forms for each workflow step by drag and drop form elements. Easily add detailed information, checklist, links, video, and form needed to submit.

The form will be automatically added to the issue after the process is started.

Run the process in one click

Start a process in a click to let the system generate the issue for each step automatically. 

All tasks have its own assignee, project, and the forms needed to fill out.

Run the process in one click in Jira
Schedule your issues start in Jira

Schedule automatically process start in the right time or with a certain frequency

If you have a process that needs to be run on a regularly recurring basis, (once a week, a specific day of a month, or once a year) you can schedule your issues in BPM to run automatically. You can also pre-schedule the one-off workflow run for a particular event at a set date and time.

Scheduling the process runs saves a great amount of your time. It helps to work on the processes in time.

Set Up Restrictions

Set up the restrictions for the process template to keep the selected workflows confidential.

You can restrict access to view and edit templates.

Set up the Restrictions for the process
Start set of issues and forms after trigger in Jira Automation

Start your process by opening the URL

Get a Template Start URL that will start your process once the link is opened. 

This can be applied in conjunction with Jira Automation rules to start the process due to the selected trigger.

Get rid of lost issues

Submission action is the function that automatically moves issues through the workflow once core action is done. It allows to focus on the process step assignees only on the main action he should make

Get rid of lost issues

Destination Issue Field

Link the field response with individual Jira issue fields to make the system update it upon submission.

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Export Forms

Get the Form submitted results directly in Issue in Excel format.
Play with data linked to Issue fields by native Jira functionality, eg: JQL, API, Automation

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Keep your Process up to date

Once the Process requires changes, the team can edit the Template, and the new Process will reflect new requirements.

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Business Process Manager – Simplify your Jira workflow

Frequently asked questions

Use a FAQ list to find answers on the most common questions

What is BPM?

The add-on for Jira Cloud with a kit of Templates, Form elements, and functions reduces the time for creating tasks for the recurring process and helps to focus on significant goals.

How does BPM works?

Business Process Manager helps to get rid of Jira recurring tasks and saves the manager`s time. To start, create a template for each recurring process to automate workflows across teams and departments.
The template includes groups and steps. Each step includes Project and issue type.

Learn more information at the BPM documentation or try the demo version

What does Business Process Management include?

BPM contains the list of built-in Templates that each IT organization needs: Onboarding, PMO, HR, and Marketing. QA, Development, Recruitment, Admin. You can use them or create a new customized one.

A Form Logic produces Jira simplified workflows with if/then logic that pivots for your team`s needs.

Scheduling helps to run on a regularly recurring basis, once a week, on a specific day of a month, or once a year.

A Submission action gets rid of forgotten tasks you need to monitor. This function moves issues through the workflow automatically once the core action is done.

Using an Approver step streamlines any processes that are accepted by another person.

Why choose BPM Solutions from SaaSJet

The main goal of BPM is simplifying the Jira work management. You don`t need any special skills in Jira or development to use BPM. It`s an intuitive no-code add-on that maintains workflows, creates tasks, and monitors the working progress of your team.

How to book Demo Call?

Click a link, choose the necessary product – BPM and write a date and time for a call with a SaaSJet Support Manager to create the Jira custom workflow

How can we help you?

Find out how this app can be tailored to your team or project. Arrange a call with our experts to find the best solution for your case.

  • Arrange a call with our experts to find the best solution for your case
  • Watch the add-on in action without installing it – check out its demo version.
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How can we help you?

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