BPM Business Process Manager

Try a simple way to build and run team friendly business processes using Jira.
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Business Process Management
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Business Process Management

Create process Template

Process template is a set of forms, checklists, and /or instructions users can set for further assignment.
Create a template or use available for each recurring process. Automate Jira workflows across teams and departments, in seconds.

Control Processes

Use real-time insights to transform your process.
Track the number of completed tasks, detect delays and make a decision.
Analyze the active or completed processes and the ones assigned to you.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management


Get the Form submitted results directly in Issue, in Excel format. Play with data linked to Issue fields by native Jira functionality, eg: JQL, API, Automation.

More features

Destination Issue Field

Link the field response with individual Jira issue fields to make the system update it itself upon submission.

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Export Forms

Export form responses to a spreadsheet for a summary view of what has been submitted.


Keep your Process up to date

Once the Process requires changes, the team can edit the Template, and the new Process will reflect new requirements.

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