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Create Dynamic Forms in BPM

You can set rules, or conditions, that cause your process to change based on input – this is called Creating Dynamic Forms in BPM. The above statement relies on the “IF/THEN” conditional statement. Create smart forms or checklists using conditional logic to dynamically show or hide fields and implement flexible script in your workflow. So, user can run issues with different behavior after the first Approve/Reject action.

Getting ready:

To set up conditional logic, you need to create a Template with some steps and also put on at least one form into your workflow. This form will be the trigger. So only selected users will have an access to the certain fields in your workflow.

How to set up conditional logic in forms?

1. Go to your existing form to set form logic.

2. Add a new rule to your form conditional logic.
The option “When” allows selecting any single choice field of any form fields with predefined values (dropdown, multichoice, radio, checkbox).

3. Select the right condition “Is / Is not” and the Value of the selected option.

4. Select which fields should be displayed according to this conditional logic.

5. After all setting is finished, add the rule.

6. Great! Your new rule is on a list. Here, you can Edit rule and Delete rule actions by clicking the three dots menu.

How to look at the configured rules of conditional logic in the form?

Once the rule is added, you can view form logic in the form. Every form element that has logic on it have an icon.

Form elements that will be affected due to some logic also have an icon and hint.

How is a form with conditional logic displayed in the issue?

When a form is added to the issue, only fields that do not contain logic rules and fields that are a condition of the rule will be displayed. Fields that are the value of logic will be displayed after selecting an option in the rule field.

If your logic don’t trigger as expected, return to edit your form and form logic, then save changes and click “Start”

Only filling data wll be shown in export.
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