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Get started with Business Process Manager

1. Create New process templates

To start work, click the Template and +New Template buttons.

In the template, you can construct Groups, Steps, and Approval.

For each step, such a list of fields is available: text field, text area, header, paragraph, dropdown, multi-choice, checkbox, radio button, date, date and time, attachment, embed, URL, number. Also, you can create Groups of steps.

2. Start a progress

You can view a list of All Templates created before.

When you turn on one of them by clicking the Start button, the issues for each step will be generated. The add-on will create one project for all issues in your Jira.

3. Monitor progress

Select the Processes tab to view all Active and Completed processes. Also, you can view the one assigned to you.

You can use Search to filter the list of processes by Template and Assignee.

If you need any help or have questions, please contact us at SaaSJet Support or via email at [email protected]
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Try online Demo – Business Process Manager Demo
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