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Install Smart Jira Forms

Like all add-ons in Atlassian Marketplace, install Smart Jira Forms is set in two ways:

  •  from the Atlassian Marketplace;
  •  from the Jira admin page.
If you want to install the add-on from Atlassian Marketplace, please follow the steps below:

Installing the add-on from Atlassian Marketplace

1. Type “Forms for Jira”in the “Search the Marketplace” field.

2. Find the add-on Forms for Jira by SaaSJet at the search results.

3. Press the Try it free or “Subscribe now” button.

4. Select your site on the atlassian.net to install the add-on, then click “Start a free trial

5. You’re all set!

If you want to install the add-on from the Jira admin page, please follow the instructions below. (You need to be a JIRA Administrator in order to install Forms for Jira)

Installing the add-on from the Jira admin page

1. First, click Apps menu and go to Find new add-ons page.

2. Type “Forms for Jira by SaaSJet in the search box and then click on it.

3. Click Free trial or “Subscribe now” to download and install the app.

4. You’re all set! 

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