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Get Started with Recurring Checklists and Report

Welcome! Time to Get Started with Recurring Checklists and Report!

Learn more about all the features of the Recurring Checklists and Report add-on.

Find the installed Recurring Checklists and Report add-on below the Jira Apps menu and click it to open.

Click “Add New Checklist” to start working on your first checklist.

In the Action column on the main grid, you can add new checklists by clicking the “Add new checklist” button. Edit, duplicate, or delete the existing ones by clicking the depicted icons.

Every Checklist has its own Atlassian-like editor. So feel free to create the page using such most frequently used features, as User mentioning, table, layouts, fonts, and text sizes.

Read more about Creating Checklist.

Every Checklist can be added to an issue manually or by recurring.

With the Report feature, you can always have a helicopter view of how assignees are progressing with the checklist you expect them to submit.

All checklists that have been created by people in your organization will be available on the grid.

You can find any checklist using Search or Sorting features easily. 

If you need any help or have questions, please contact us at SaaSJet Support or via email at [email protected]
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