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How to create recurring checklists?

Repeated activities happen over and over again, and systematically take a lot of time from managers’ routines. create recurring checklists would be a great idea to simplify the work life.

With the Recurring Checklists and Reports add-on, you can set automated Recurring issues creating on a regular basis: daily, monthly, or annually.

After a customized Checklist has been created and filled with the necessary data, it`s time to choose the Project and Assignees

  To set up Scheduling, choose Recurring and watch the video below.

To create a new issue according to recurring settings, choose Type 1. In this case, the system will create a separate task for each Checklist. 

New Checklist = New issue.

When you have chosen Type 2, all checklists will be added to the same issue.

Track Recurring in the main menu.

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