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Create Jira forms and customizable checklists
Forms for Jira
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Create Jira Forms easily

Create Jira Forms easily

Build proforma using a wide list of available fields: checkboxes, date, multi-choice, quizzes, etc. Drag and drop fields you need in the form is an easy way to no-code dynamic form creation.

Create custom Jira Checklists

Add an action item to your form to turn it into a powerful Jira checklist.

It gives you the opportunity to: track your To Do, Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done. Split complicated issues into clear and smaller steps.

Action Items - Create a custom checklist
Add forms to any Jira issue or ticket

Add forms to any Jira issue or ticket manually or automatically

All saved proforma, including Jira issues and Jira Service Management tickets, are always at hand on the panel of each task.

Set up adding Jira full form to the selected Jira issue type in the necessary project automatically.

Customize issues and export data form Jira Form

Add custom data to proforma form for better task descriptions.

Export it to excel directly from the issue.

Customize issues and export data form Jira Form

Add Multiform to Jira Issue

Add several forms or checklists to your task and gather all the necessary information inside the tasks.

Add Form to Customer portal (JSM)

When Forms are published to the Jira Service Desk interface, service teams may collect only the exact information they need for each request type.

Requests are processed more quickly since they are not held in the Waiting for Customer state while agents gather more information

add form to customer portal (jsm)
conditional logic in forms and checklists jira

Set up conditional logic in forms

Create smart forms or checklists using conditional logic to dynamically show or hide fields, ensuring teams get the information they need.

When a form is added to an issue, only fields without logic rules and fields that are a condition of the rule will be displayed. Fields that are the value of logic will be displayed after selecting an option in the rule field.

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