Google Maps for Jira

Pin Jira issues to geolocations on Google Maps →
Try field service management in Jira

Google Maps for Jira
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add different locations

Add multiple GPS locations for Jira issues

Attach as many Jira markers (geolocations) as you need.
  • Tap an address for the required issue
  • Enter geo-coordinates if the necessary address isn’t available

Map Gadget for Jira Dashboard

Visualize all issues on Gadget for Google Maps for Jira.

Use filter or project selection to get data for the list of issues.

map gadget for jira dashboard
view markers on phone

Use Google Maps for Jira on mobiles

Get an overview of geo-markers on all types of Jira mobile apps.

Copy address and geo-coordinates to share your task location.

How to start with Google Maps for Jira? – Watch our Video

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