Quick Steps to Find the List of SaaS Companies & Contacts

Find the needed data in our application

Step 1: Find the needed data in our application

Go to “Sign In / Sign Up” page and log in or create a new account.

  1. Click “Companies” menu on the left.
  2. Here you see the list of the whole 5K+ SaaS companies and a piece of details on each. Type the company name or the keyword in the search field.
  3. To get the further information click on a company name.

Step 2: Use Filters

Type the company name or the keyword in the search field or use our extremely flexible filtering system to find the best match companies according to your demand.

  1. Click “Add Field” on “Companies” page to set up your search criteria.
  2. Choose the appropriate criteria from the list, which appears.The new options will are then shown under the search field. Depend on the numeral or lexical indicator you get a wide range of selection.
  3. Click the  button. 

To change the parameters click  button.

Contact us, if you need a help or custom filter setup.

Use Filters
Get the contacts

Step 3: Get the Contacts

Get the contacts of the company key decision makers after subscribing. Use 1 credit to open 1 contact.

  1. Go to “Contacts” page on the left.
  2. Type the contact name or the keyword in the search field.
  3. Click “Add Field” on the page to set up your search criteria for the results you would like to appear.
  4. Click on a name to get full contact details.

Step 4: Export Data

After completing all main former steps, export companies and contact data to .XLSX or .CSV file (available for paid subscribers only).

  1. Go to “Companies” or “Contacts” page.
  2. Select records you want to export by checkbox.
  3. If you want to export the whole list of results,
  4. Go to “Actions” menu.
  5. Choose “Export”.     
  6. Select the file type and the field list, which you want to include.

Click to the  button on the top.

Export Data

Sign up our application and get your first 10 contacts by using the free trial.


Save Your Search Filters for Further Usage

Tip 1: Save Your Search Filters for Further Usage

After you have already selected the appropriate companies, you can save the existing filter to come back to the received results.

  1. Click the button “All” (left from the search field), tick “Save Filter”.
  2. Type the name of your filter.

Now your filter is saved under the “All” menu.

Tip 2: Lead Tracking Feature

Use our built-in proprietary lead tracking feature.

  1. Tick the companies in general list or in the filtered results.
  2. Go to “Actions” menu.
  3. Choose “Follow”.        
  4. You will see main updates about the companies you have followed on the “Stream” dashboard.
Lead Tracking Feature
Integrate Leadpipe with Zapier

Tip 3: Integrations

You have two options to integrate with your business apps (like CRMs, Google Sheets, Marketing Automation systems, Task Management, Bulk Emailers etc.):

  1. Via our Zapier application (request for an access).
  2. Develop custom integration using our API (request for an access).

Check our integrations page to see all the possibilities.

Get the needed SaaS companies contact data with application.