Issue History for Jira

Get one-stop access to the full issue change history in Jira Cloud
Issue History for Jira
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Log of Changes

Jira History Journal for all Changes

Get the report with every update made to the list of issues. 

  • What value has been changed
  • Which user is responsible for updates
  • When modifications occurred

Set the Scope of Issues

Organize Jira ticket history report the way you need.

  • Select issues by assignee, filter, label, sprint, project, etc
  • Choose the date range
  • Check Jira issue keys you want to track and sort them by key and date
Keep deleted issues in jira
export issue history

Track Status Changes in Jira

Monitor your team’s progress. Get a graphic display of how data has evolved on a daily basis.

How can Issue History help you? – Watch our video

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.
Could you implement new features to the main functionality of the add-on? Do we need a special custom report for our business model?

Yes, we are open to creating custom reports. Describe your case and the functionality that you need then send it to us by email. We will get in touch with you and discuss all the details.

Do you store customer data from the customer Atlassian instance?

We don’t store any customer data in our infrastructure excluding hashed customer id and add-on configs. Everything is processed interactively and displayed to end-users. We use application internal logs, but without customer-related data, include only details about requests performance/status/error code.

We want to provide access to this plugin to a limited set of people within our organization. In this case, will pricing be applicable to the number of Jira accounts in our organization or a limited set of people to whom we want to provide this access?

According to Jira pricing, we’re unable to manage the price relative to the number of actual users. Atlassian offers discounts for the annual subscription, so you can pay less in that way.

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James Haven

Nice app

Nice app. Now we can analyze all task updates have been made at any time. All changelog data (status changes. comments history, etc.) in one place.
Luciano Di Pierno

A good solution to manage the history of changes

This app is a good solution to manage the history of changes made in Jira including the history of deletions.
The plug-in certainly has room for improvement, but SaaSJet has proven to be there to support, both through good customer care and through a constant release of hotfixes and new versions.
How can we help you?
Find out how Issue History can be tailored to your team or project. Arrange a call with our experts to find the best solution for your case
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How can we help you?
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