Issue History


This plugin displays the history of all the changes that had been made in selected issues. Once you install this app, you’ll get a detailed view of how issues following the workflow.

Main plugin features are:

  • Get the changes log ordered by the date.
  • Use filters to select issues list.
  • Set columns to show different fields on the grid.
  • Apply custom date range to filter results.

To use add-on in your Jira Cloud application, please follow next steps:


  1. Login to Jira Cloud account as an administrator (these privileges allow to install the add-ons).
  2. Go to Jira settings -> Apps -> Find new apps.
  3. Type ‘Issue History‘ in ‘Search the Marketplace’ field and press ‘Enter’ button.
  4. Find the add-on in the list (‘Issue History’).
  5. Press the Free Trial button.
  6. After permissions acceptance, add-on will be installed.


  1. Find installed ‘Issue History’ add-on below Jira setting menu item.
  2. Click on it to enter.

Reports generation

  1. Add-on uses filters to provide the reports. If there are no filters defined at all – just create at least one and then share the access.
  2. After proper filter selection results will be displayed on the grid.
  3. Apply date range to selected changes history.
  4. You can add custom and standard fields to the grid using ‘Columns’ menu to play with output data.

Please email us in case you want to provide a feedback or feature request: [email protected]

Link to the add-on listing on Atlassian Marketplace.