Cloud Fortified: Stay Safe with SaaSJet | Sep 2021

Your Cloud experience deserves to be exceptionally safe and reliable. As Marketplace Partner, SaaSJet supports Atlassian striving to bring security to a new level. We do our best to follow Atlassian’s cloud security requirements.

What does Cloud Fortified mean?

The Cloud Fortified program makes it simple to spot Cloud apps that have strong security features. That means participants are obligated to meet the needs of all Atlassian customers, including enterprise organizations.

Our Issue History and Time in Status for Jira Cloud are among the apps that have got Cloud Fortified badges. Now, you can be sure, your work with the add-ons is reliable, with improved performance, and we are fixing vulnerabilities effectively.

How did we prove it?

A Marketplace Partner must meet some criteria to be considered a Cloud Fortified app. The requirements are divided into three main groups: security, reliability, support.

To complete the program successfully Marketplace apps participate in four general and two opt-in security programs. So, applications are going through such initiatives: Security Bug Fix Policy, Ecoscanner, Cloud App Security Requirements, and Vulnerability Disclosure Program. They’re all aimed to uncover major weaknesses or issues. Additionally, we’ve participated in Marketplace Bug Bounty and Security Self-Assessment Programs. To prove reliability plugins are monitored according to consistent service level indicators and objectives. Find the full requirements for the program here.


What benefits will you get with Cloud Fortified apps?

The Atlassian team is enhancing benefits for Cloud users as they keep growing. Cloud hosting type is more popular with new customers (95% choose Cloud over Server). In fact, Atlassian will stop serving Server products by  February 2024. So, Cloud is our future and we will follow every chance to make it better for you. 

With Cloud fortified plugins you’ll get:

  • Decreasing bugs and incidents with proactive security testing. Cloud apps receive continuous security testing from a global pool of ethical security researchers.
  • Less disruptions to your team’s workflow due to extra performance and reliability checks.
  • Within 24 hours, a member of the support team will answer you. It will be like this for 5 days a week (during local business hours).
  • In case of incidents, your Cloud Fortified app will be supported according to the program’s Atlassian-defined support SLA requirement.

Our Cloud Fortified Add-ons

Issue History is your retrospective journal to view issue change history in Jira. Here you can get a list of tickets or issues with every past activity. You’ll detect any update, who has made it, and when. Also, you can export issue history as PDF or CSV files.

Get fortified with Issue History

Time in Status for Jira Cloud is your time tracking replacer. It’s not always possible to force employees to track time. If you need to find out how long each issue, or project, or assignee spent in each status (“To do”, “In progress”, “Done”), the add-on becomes handy. That’s a quick way to find delays in your workflow.

Get fortified with Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Google Maps for Jira is your navigator to manage address delivery, installation of various structures and equipment, and so on. If the location is a part of the issue where you need to gather information from, you can add map marks and have it all in a single place.

Get fortified with Google Maps for Jira 

Your successful and secure experience with SaaSJet add-ons is always on our mind. Now, you have one more reason to like Issue History and Time in Status for Jira Cloud. We believe Cloud is the future and key to long-term success. Our team is going to continue such improvements with other plugins.


cloud fortified 24 hr support response time and less bugs and incidents while working with the app – that's what you get while choosing Cloud Fortified add-ons.
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cloud fortified 24 hr support response time and less bugs and incidents while working with the app – that's what you get while choosing Cloud Fortified add-ons.

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