Mind of Steel, Heart of Passion: Meet SaaSJet’s New Design

Wind of change has brought a refreshed look for SaaSJet’s company this spring. We’ve launched a new brand identity and logo. Our team has decided on rebranding to bring more meaningfulness and provide unification between all of our products.

The renewed design aligns stronger with our company mission and ambitions. Every step we take is to get better for our clients. We are focused on movement and challenge ourselves. There is passion in everything we do. Our mindset is steel, and our heart is aflame.

Changing our visual identity was a true breath of fresh air. We’ve decided to go with a shade of orange and grey. Now, SaaSJet’s logo consists of two colors instead of three.

We believe that SaaSJet’s rebranding will unite the style of our products and raise brand memorability. Our skyrocketing team has created this design with a sense of inspiration and gratitude. Hope you love it as much as we do. 


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