SaaSJet is an Atlassian Top Vendor!

Recently, we have received Top Vendor status on the Atlassian Marketplace. The status of Top Vendor is awarded by Atlassian to partners who demonstrate significant performance and commitment to the Atlassian ecosystem.

What does it mean to be a Top Vendor?

This status indicates that we propose high standards for app quality, reliability, and support:

  • 500+ active Jira accounts have installed our apps
  • We adhere to service level agreements (SLAs) and our Support team offers extensive help during the working days
  • Our company is vetted by Atlassian to ensure we offer great customer experience.

At SaaSJet we strive to only deliver high quality products as our primary goal is your trust. We value every customer who has relied on our products to help manage and analyze their companies’ data. 

Thank you for your trust

Now that the numbers have reached 550+ companies, we’ll try our best to assure the quality and high standards. We are especially grateful to all the users who have recommended our applications. The best reward for our work is when you share your good experience with others.

Big shout out to our SaaSJet Team who has been working tirelessly round the clock. We also want to thank the Atlassian for allowing all vendors to offer and develop their products in their ecosystem, whether you are an experienced company or a beginner startup.

What’s next

Receiving this great honor comes with even greater responsibility. Now as a titled Top Vendor, we’ll not slow our pace and will continue working hard to improve our applications. 

Zoryana Bogutska

The author of the article

My goal is to create useful content for Jira users to achieve skyrocketing efficiency and space results at work.

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