We Stand with Ukraine 💛💙

SaaSJet is a Ukrainian company, which works all over the world. We have several offices in Ukraine and abroad. 

SaaSJet’s contribution to support Ukraine against russian aggression.


  • Financial support of the army: transfers of funds to “Come Back Alive” to the account of the army. 
  • Volunteer support – cooperation with local logistics volunteer storages + provision of several area defense brigades with equipment and protective ammunition.


  • Refugee support inside and outside the team. Search for housing, financial and logistical support.
  • Refugee employment.


  • Termination of cooperation with all russian companies.
  • Requests to Atlassian leaders to stop working with russian customers.
  • Supporting the state’s economy – the company continues working in Ukraine, pays taxes ahead of schedule – the company retains jobs and salaries for mobilized colleagues. At the same time, we ensure the stability of our products and the appropriate level of service for our customers.

Information warfare

  • Cooperation with the IT army of Ukrainian developers: conducting hacker attacks on the invader’s resources
  • Active work on conveying truthful information about the war in Ukraine outside the state and fighting against misinformation

If you’d like to help, choose one of the trustworthy links below:

💛💙 Come Back Alive Fund

💛💙 Ukraine’s Armed Forces

💛💙 Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians

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