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Time in Status

This add-on generates a report on how long issues have been staying in a specific status. Find bottlenecks in your team processes that should be solved.

Issue History

This plugin displays the history of all the changes that have been made in selected issues. Once you install this app, you’ll get a detailed view of whether issues comply with the workflow.

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This plugin allows to add SLAs to your Jira Cloud issues, even old one. Just install this application, and you’ll get a detailed view on which issues breach SLA, which are not, and which are under the risk.

Time Between Statuses

This plugin allows to monitor and avoid risks in your project workflow by having a clear vision of tasks’ transition time.

Reminder Boomerang

This add-on lets your team keep the focus on higher-priority issues and let you manage their backlog effectively.

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Changelog for Jira items – core features of Issue History add-on.

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Jiva:Voice Assistant Jira Cloud is the 1st Voice Assistant and your companion in managing work in Jira by phone.

Time in Status Lite

This add-on helps calculate the time issue has been spent in each status. It’s the Lite Version of Time in Status for Jira Cloud


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