Time in Status for Jira Cloud

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Generate status duration reports for Jira issues


Status Duration Reports

  • Get status duration for Jira issues
  • Monitor how long colleagues have been assigned to issues
  • Analyze average time tasks spent in each stage
  • View date of entry into a status
  • Save amount of status transition and count

Data Visualization

The fast way to see problem areas in your team’s work:

  • Get a graphical view of all types of time reports
  • Select the Chart type you need: Pie, Bar, and Area

Advanced Analyzing

Analyze data using a Pivot Table feature:

  • Combine issue attributes,
  • Manipulate data by math functions (Average, Min/Max, Median, Count, Sum, etc),
  • Represent data in numerical or %, etc.


  • Time in Status
  • Assignee Time
  • Average Time
  • Status Entrance Date
  • Time in Status per Date
  • Status Count
  • Transition Count

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