Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Get the status duration reports with the top-rated add-on for Jira Cloud
Time in Status for Jira Cloud
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Generate time management reports for Jira issues

All Status Duration Data in One Place

Get all Jira Time in Status Data in One Place

Monitor the employee productivity and overall project efficiency:

  • how long it takes an assignee to complete a task
  • where a process blockage exists
  • when an assignee started the work
  • what the time spent on all issues for a specific project is
  • when tasks were turned to completion

Visualize Data for Quick Analysis

  • Discover trends, risks, and opportunities with Time in Status graphical view.
  • It’s a rapid way to keep your team informed.
  • 3 types of charts are available: Pie, Bar, and Area chart.
Time in Status for Jira Cloud
Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Analyze Stronger with a Flexible Pivot Setup

Create customizable reports with Pivot table view

  • Set any combination of issue attributes.
  • Get data in numerical or % perspective
  • Use Min/Max, Average, Median, Count, Sum math functions
More features


Time in Status, Assignee Time, Average Time, Status Entrance Date, Time in Status per Date, Status Count, Transition Count.

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Pivot Table View, Charts, Cycle and Lead time by Status Grouping, Gadget for Jira Dashboard, Data on the Issue View Panel, Multiple Calendars, Export

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Dino Tius

Easy to use

Easy to use and provides useful information that I was looking for. I reported a bug and it was addressed and fixed within 24 hours
Uma Sanjeevi

Next level

Time in Status is a great addon for JIRA - next level .. I have been using this plug if for my Value Stream Map view of my e2e delivery process. Very powerful data if you do use the jira board correctly.
Nick D

Excellent support

This plug-in works very well. I've also found the technical support from SaaSJet to be excellent: they were very quick to respond and eager to help.
Mikel Vizcay

Very useful

Great addon, very useful for KPI purposes. After some testing, we found some pros and improvements:
- Pros: very useful information for reporting and KPIs management.
Rosa Wells

Best time reporting app

The best time reporting app for Jira. It helps find problem areas in the workflow that need more attention. Additionally, the support team is helpful and fast.
Duncan Nisbet

Incredibly useful add-on

Incredibly useful add-on for retrieving ``hidden`` data in Jira.
I'm using the add on to obtain the data I need for tracking Throughput, Cycle Time & WiP.
Tom Marsland

Gives all the data we need

Nice plug-in! It gives all the data we need. Easy to use and quick support.
Genrich Funches

Decent price

Good app at a decent price.
It helps our team to easily monitor time spent on projects.
Support is fast and responsive!
How can we help you?
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  • Watch the plugin in action without installing it – check out its demo version.
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How can we help you?
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