Time in Status for Jira Cloud


With Time in Status for Jira Cloud you can generate 7 types of reports:

  • Time in Status – calculates for how long your issues have been staying in each status.
  • Assignee Time – the report of the time that a particular assignee was assigned to each issue.
  •  Average Time – a grid with average time issues have been spent in statuses during a specific period.
  • Status Entrance Date – shows the date and time when every issue has entered each of the statuses for the first time.
  • Time in Status per Date – sums the time a task has been staying in each status at a particular date.
  • Status Count – calculates how many times an issue has been in each status.
  • Transition Count – shows how many times an issue went from status to status.

All reports are available as Grid and as Charts. There are three types of graphs available: PieBar and Area Charts.

  • Create multiple calendars to exclude breaks, non-working hours or holidays from the calculation
  • Filter issues by project, filter, report, label, sprint, and assignee (also by issue creation, update and resolution date)
  • Сhoose the time data format you prefer
  • Customize your report columns
  • Get the Cycle and Lead Time by grouping time in statuses
  • Manage permissions for team members or groups to view reports and configure add-on properties
  • Issue View Panel

You can export the Data from the grid as XLSX or CSV file which you can analyze using such tools like Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Download charts in suitable formats like PNG, JPEG, or PDF

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