Time in Status for Jira Cloud


This add-on generates report on how long issues stood in a specific statuses. Find bottlenecks that should be removed in your team processes.

To use add-on in your Jira Cloud application, please follow next steps:


  1. Login to Jira Cloud account as an administrator (these privileges allow to install the add-ons).
  2. Go to Jira settings -> Apps -> Find new apps.
  3. Type ‘Time in Status‘ in ‘Search the Marketplace’ field and press ‘Enter’ button.
  4. Find the add-on in the list (‘Time in Status for Jira Cloud’).
  5. Press the Free Trial button.
  6. After permissions acceptance, add-on will be installed.


  1. Find installed ‘Time in Status for Jira Cloud’ add-on below Jira setting menu item.
  2. Click on it to enter.
  3. Add-on configuration menu is available on the top right corner as a black gear.
  4. Use ‘Work schedule’ in the configuration menu. Set up your team working schedule or use default one if you just want to try it.
  5. Also, the administrator could manage the access for additional users that can update the work schedule. Just specify their user groups in ‘Access settings’ menu.

Reports generation

  1. Add-on uses shared filters only to provide the reports. That means private filters are not available to access from the add-on. If there are no filters defined at all – please create at least one and then share the access.
  2. Filter sharing options available and could be controlled via ‘Manage filters’:
    • make it public
    • share for any logged-in user
    • include specific users to the project team
  3. After proper filter selection results will be displayed on the grid. For each issue time of staying in the appropriate status will be calculated according to the defined work schedule.
  4. You can add custom and standard fields to the grid using ‘Columns’ menu to play with output data.

Please email us in case you want to provide a feedback or feature request: [email protected]

Link to the add-on listing on Atlassian Marketplace.