Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Get the status duration reports with the top-rated time tracking add-on for Jira Cloud

Time in Status for Jira Cloud
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Generate time management reports for Jira issues

All Status Duration Data in One Place

Get all Jira time spent reports in One Place

Monitor team performance and overall project efficiency:

  • how long does it take an assignee to complete a task;
  • where a process blockage exists;
  • when an assignee starts the work;
  • how much time has been spent on all issues in a specific project;
  • when the tasks are completed;
  • weekly status report using cycle and lead time settings.

Visualize Data for Quick Analysis

  • Discover trends, risks, KPI stats, and opportunities with Time in Status reports in a graphical view.
  • It’s a rapid way to keep your team informed.
  • 3 types of charts are available: Pie, Bar, and Area chart.
  • Charts for one issue.
javascript charts for jira cloud
jira automation in status for time

Analyze Stronger with a Flexible Pivot Setup

Create customizable time reports for Jira with a Pivot table view

  • Set any combination of issue attributes, time spent fields.
  • Get data in numerical or % perspective
  • Use Min/Max, Average, Median, Count, Sum math functions

Save & Load Presets with time report settings

Save & Load option aims to optimize your time for settings you use every day or frequently. The simplifies the analysis process by setting up automation of the Time in Status reports.

As its name says, you’ll need to accomplish two main actions:

  • Save your favorite time reporting configurations you operate regularly.
  • Load the required preset you’d like to work with. All the Time in Status fields will be shown
save and load you custom time reports in jira
get data feed with time in status reports

Get Data Feed and analyze data in third-party systems

The Data Feed option gives you the ability to analyze the required reports in third-party analytics systems in detail.

Integrate data into Google Spreadsheet, Power BI, etc.

More features


Time Reports

Time in Status, Assignee Time, Average Time, Status Entrance Date, Time in Status per Date, Status Count, Transition Count.

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Pivot Table View, Charts, Cycle and Lead time by Status Grouping, Gadget for Jira status Dashboard, Data on the Issue View Panel, Multiple Calendars, Export

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Frequently asked questions

Use a FAQ list to find answers on the most common questions

What is time in status in Jira?

You can view how much time each issue spent on each status or delegated to each assignee, by looking at the Time in Status option.

How do I add time spent in Jira?

Jira managers frequently have trouble tracking their team’s time — forcing employees to enter their working hours can be challenging. As time tracking is popular, the arguable option, Time in Status for Jira Cloud aims to resolve this problem by calculating the time for each status automatically.

I'm the user of Time In Status for JIRA Cloud. But can't findits Gadget on the dashboard. How can I use it?

You need to update the add-on to the new version. Please go to Manage Apps and update your current version of Time in Status for Jira Cloud app.
For help with updating, look at the instruction about how to update the add-on.

Can I export report data to Excel file, and then, apply formulasto the time values?

Selecting Decimal formats during export enables using mathematical formulas and chart building in Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Could you implement new features to the main functionalityof the add-on?

Yes, we are open to creating custom reports. Describe the case and functionality you need and send it to us at [email protected]. We will get in touch with you and discuss all the details.

I came across your add-on and was wondering if there is away to calculate the SLA of the tickets that are already closedin Jira Service Desk?

Use our addon “SLA Time and Report” for this purpose.

Can I use your add-on for subtasks in Jira Cloud?

Yes, we support all types of tasks including subtasks.

Why can't I set status groups?

Pay attention to the type of reports you have selected because Status Groups are available only for a limited list of Jira team reports:

  • Time in status
  • Average time
  • Status count
  • Time in status per date

You can manage the User Groups only by using the Assignee Time report.

How do I monitor time in status in Jira?

There are a few solutions that help to monitor time spent in status for Jira issues. Built-in Jira Days in Column option for classic projects allows getting an only number of days. With time in Status for Jira Cloud, you get the time (days, hours, minutes) the employees spent in each status automatically.

Do you store customer data from the customer Atlassian instance?

We don’t store any customer data in our infrastructure excluding hashed customer id and add-on configs. Everything is processed interactively and displayed to end-users. We use application internal logs, but without customer-related data, include only details about requests performance/status/error code.

Why I can view only the limited list of statuses at thecolumn manager?

At the column manager settings, you can select only those statuses which are included in filters you have selected before (Project, Assignee, Sprint, etc.). So if you need to view time data about statuses that are not shown, select other the option for issue list filtering.

Is your add-on compatible with Jira Service Desk to calculate the time spent in status?

Yes, add-on supports both Jira Cloud and Jira service desk for the time in status calculations.

We have noticed that when exporting the report to Excel, theJira issues with no activity appear on a dash. Is there anyway to configure the empty values to have “0” instead “-“?

These signs have different meanings.
“0” means the issue has been staying in such status, but because of a short time (less 1 min), time is not specified and equal to 0.
“-“  means the issue has not been staying in this status, but it includes the project flow.

Why can't I use a token you've sent me?

The main reason is that token hasn’t updated the license expiration date in time. So you need to do the following:

  • Click on ‘Stop trial’ (unsubscribe from the addon);
  • Enter a token (the terms must be updated from the moment of entering a free token per month).

We also prepared a short video, which will help you to do the same. Enjoy watching! (smile)

We want to provide access to this time in status plugin to a limited set of people within our organization. In this case, will pricing be applicable to the number of Jira accounts in our organizationor to a limited set of people whom we want to provide this access?

According to Jira pricing, we’re unable to manage the price relative to the number of actual users. Atlassian offers discounts for the annual subscription, so you can pay less in that way.

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Common Application

What people say about us

jira cycle time

Dino Tius

Easy to use

Easy to use and provides useful information that I was looking for. I reported a bug and it was addressed and fixed within 24 hours
jira time

kevin shine

Assistance was brilliant

I have logged few tickets for support and so far my suggestions have been reviewed and worked on so I am very happy to say the team here are reviewing customer feedback and acting on it. I also logged a bug and the turn around time to get assistance was brilliant.
jira dashboard gadgets

Uma Sanjeevi

Next level

Time in Status is a great addon for JIRA - next level .. I have been using this plug if for my Value Stream Map view of my e2e delivery process. Very powerful data if you do use the jira board correctly.
time in status jira

Nick D

Excellent support

This plug-in works very well. I've also found the technical support from SaaSJet to be excellent: they were very quick to respond and eager to help.
jira weekly status report

Mikel Vizcay

Very useful

Great addon, very useful for KPI purposes. After some testing, we found some pros and improvements:
- Pros: very useful information for reporting and KPIs management.
jira time spent

Rosa Wells

Best time reporting app

The best time reporting app for Jira. It helps find problem areas in the workflow that need more attention. Additionally, the support team is helpful and fast.
jira time reporting

Tim Kelly

Nicely configurable

Great to get visibility of how issues and features are being processed. Nicely configurable.
time spent jira

Duncan Nisbet

Incredibly useful add-on

Incredibly useful add-on for retrieving ``hidden`` data in Jira.
I'm using the add on to obtain the data I need for tracking Throughput, Cycle Time & WiP.
time tracking jira

Julio Alberto Gonzales Heredia

Excellent support

Very quick response for issue tickets
cycle time jira

Jeffrey Koors

Value to our understanding of flow

Time in Status has provided great value to our understanding of flow through given cycle center states in delivery flow. Upon some confusion on my behalf, I filed a support request where SaaSJet was quick to respond and collaborated well with me to rectify the issue I was having.

How can we help you?

Find out how Time in Status can be tailored to your team or project:

  • Arrange a call with our experts to find the best solution for your case 
  • Watch the plugin in action without installing it – check out its demo version.
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Report better with Time in Status for Jira Cloud