Issue Manager: Voice Assistant for Jira

Voise Assistant

Issue Manager for Jira Cloud is a 1st Voice Assistant and your companion in managing your work in Jira by phone.

It allows you to create an issue with the following parameters:

  • summary (title)
  • project where the ticket should be added
  • issue type
  • detailed description
  • assignee for each ticket

The only things you need to start using this application are:

  • active Jira account
  • installed add-on Voice Assistant on the Atlassian Marketplace
  • Google Assistant app on your mobile

Plugin is available for mobile devices on Android and IOS

*As for now, this application isn’t available for the installation yet, because we’re waiting for the approval from Google Assistant Marketplace.

We don’t stop work on improving this add-on, so soon more features will be available for our users.

Link to the Documentation