Issue Creator for Jira Cloud - Capture screen&Annotate

Introducing an incredibly efficient application to streamline bug reporting and high-level task descriptions within any Jira project. This powerful tool lets users capture screenshots, add annotations, and seamlessly operate with webpage elements. Screen Recorder. Capture and create video files for attaching to Jira issues.
Task Compose for Jira Cloud
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How to create high-quality bug reports and informative tasks in Jira?

Bug Reporting and Enhance Issue Management in Jira

Speed up bug reporting: streamline the creation process

Supercharge bug reporting with Issue Creator integration: rapidly report and create visual feedback in Jira! Boost your efficiency by creating issues 10x faster.

Effortlessly Capture and Annotate Screenshots with Ease

Make bugs visible! Capture and illustrate visual bugs on your webpage effortlessly.  Use a screen recorder. Take a screenshot, annotate it, submit the issue form, and seamlessly continue browsing, all within your website.

Achieve perfect workflow sync: link visual web elements to Jira issues

Enhance collaboration with your teammates by connecting visual web elements to Jira issues.

What are the differences between the paid and free versions?

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How can we help you?