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Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Generate a variety of time reports for your issues

  • Measure time has been spent in a specific status
  • Get an easy graphical view on your data
  • Extract the data for further processes
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All Status Duration Data in One Place
SLA Time and Report

SLA Time and Report

Create and track your SLAs for issues in Jira Cloud

  • Add custom SLA timers to the issues
  • Specify statuses as a trigger to start/stop SLA
  • Сhoose timer output data format you prefer
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Issue History

Shows all the changes that have been made in issues

  • Keep track of all issue updates
  • View how issues are following the workflow
  • Apply custom date range to filter results
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Issue History

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Monitor Project KPIs


Project KPIs
Your workflow dynamics
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Identify Ways to minimize delays


Ways to minimize delays
Problems facing your business
Instruments for controls and audits

Increase Team productivity


Team productivity
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Data-driven decision making

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Dino Tius

Easy to use

Easy to use and provides useful information that I was looking for. I reported a bug and it was addressed and fixed within 24 hours

Colin Brown

Exactly what we were looking for

This was exactly what we were looking for, Service Desk style SLA reporting, but in the standard JIRA interface.

Nick D

Excellent support

This plug-in works very well. I've also found the technical support from SaaSJet to be excellent: they were very quick to respond and eager to help.

Shahebaaz Shaikh

Useful plugin

This is a really good and useful plugin to track slas in JIRA cloud, Also exporting it to spreadsheets work.

Duncan Nisbet

Incredibly useful add-on

Incredibly useful add-on for retrieving ``hidden`` data in Jira.
I'm using the add on to obtain the data I need for tracking Throughput, Cycle Time & WiP.

Tom Marsland

Gives all the data we need

Nice plug-in! It gives all the data we need. Easy to use and quick support.

Elise Brancheau

Great solution

SLA Time and Report is a great solution for those who want set and track service-level agreements for all projects.
We are satisfied with it regarding functionality, cost advantage, and support.

Steven Fisher

Solves a real problem

SLA Time and report solves a real problem of SLAs tracking for JSM and JSW projects. The support team is fast and responsible.

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SLAs in Jira: A short guide to get started easily

SLAs in Jira: A short guide to get started easily

How can you make your customers satisfied with your services as much as possible? If you are still looking for the answer, let us help you! To solve customers’ problems and help with their requests on time, try to set up a Jira SLA. For example, SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on, which can be set up easily and really quickly.

3 types of employees and how to manage them in Jira

The way you work has a huge influence on your professional success. Employee involvement improves workplace productivity. Companies with a high level of employee engagement are 21 percent more profitable overall. Let’s look what are the types of employees and  how to increase their effectiveness when working in Jira.

The 9 Tips in Jira for Successful Business Process Management with BPM

The 9 Tips in Jira for Successful Business Process Management with BPM

When it comes to coordinating teamwork, every manager will face lots of challenges. While the market provides a variety of applications and built-in functionalities to simplify the workflow process, it’s easy to get confused and pick what’s truly practical and ideal for your business.

TT How to automatically add checklists to your Jira workflow

How to automatically add checklists to your Jira workflow – Simple and advanced way

Automatically adding checklists to each new Jira issue is a desired functionality. One typical use case is having the “Definition of Done” available by default in each new issue, to make sure that either developers or testers take time to verify if the task is done by the definition the team agreed to follow. Another common case is tracking whether the ticket is ready for development.

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