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Leadpipe offers you an actionable alerts about your leads, competitors, partners or investors.

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How Leadpipe Can Improve Your Sales

Be aware of your potential clients new updates and use this data to personalize your interactions. Accelerate high-quality lead growth and fill your sales pipeline. Close more deals with less efforts and more understanding.

Receive Up-To-Date Sales Insights

Be informed of every single change that is made by your lead. We automatically track diverse Signals in real-time with company information overview from various trusted sources. We also organize, prioritize and analyze them. Get all gathered information in a simple and downloadable format.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales Team

Get to know your buyer personas, make reasonable segmentation, estimate and predict sales probability. Leadpipe will notify you about current changes so you will always be aware of all news about your leads. Provide your team with quality sales insights that has high intrinsic value and use them for lead qualification. Focus on sales, not on data gathering!

Bring Personalized Interaction to a New Level

Make your communication with leads as personalized as possible knowing all their background. Use sales insights to write an excellent cold outreach messages, personalize lead nurturing campaigns and follow-ups. Achieve your set sales goals and be prepared for all your upcoming interactions with important leads.

Quick Start With Leadpipe

How It Works

Steps to Start Your Leads Tracking

Step 1: Add Companies you want to track – start your lead tracking by providing Company Name or importing data to Leadpipe application.

Step 2: Organize your Companies into Lists – make a list of Companies you want to track and receive information about each one of them.

Step 3: Set Alerts you want to track – choose Alert Category in order to receive relevant Alerts for further usage.

Step 4: Start receiving Alerts – get Alerts flow from all Companies and Lists you have created.

Step 5: Integrate Leadpipe into your workflows – CRMs, Google Sheets, Marketing Automation systems, Task Management, Bulk Emailers etc.

Step 6: Export all needed data in .XLSX or .CSV file and use it for your sales, сomparative or analytical purposes.

Price Plans

If you still thinking which plan is right for you? Don’t worry, just start with a free trial, after we’ll suggest you a suitable plan (you can switch your plan at any time).


Best choice to get started with the service and discover its main advantages.


Ideal for businesses with one sales manager, for freelancers or individuals.


Perfect for established companies and teams. No restrictions on the number of tools or features. Unlimited possibilities to integrate with other products.  


Get your custom pricing along with unlimited features. Our sales team will help you to customize the project scope to fulfill your unique business needs.

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