SLA Time and Report

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This plugin allows adding SLAs to your Jira Cloud issues, even old one. Just install this application, and you’ll get a detailed view of which issues breached SLA, which are not.

Keep track of the SLA status for an issue with SLA Time and Report:

  • Specify your SLA with flexible Start/Stop/Pause conditions: (Status, Assignee, Issue Type, Summary, Description, Labels and other).
  • Set time limit for each SLA configuration and choose the Automate action for exceeded issues: notification, changing reporter, priority, or status.
  • Configure SLA calculation type according to your targets with Multi-Cycle and First-Cycle options.
  • Create multiple calendars to exclude breaks, non-working hours, or holidays from the calculation. You can add different calendars for each SLA. 
  • Highlight issues where the SLA time limits have been exceeded.
  • Monitor SLA time about each ticket in each Issue View Panel.
  • Filter issues by SLA config, project, report, filter, label, sprint and assignee.
  • Set up permissions for team members to view reports and configure the add-on.
  • Export SLA data as XLSX or CSV files.

Add-on works for Jira Software, Jira Core, and Service Desk. Also, you can use it for Classic and Next-gen Projects.

Please note, the application counts SLA time for issues from Service Desk, but cannot configure it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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