SLA Time and Report

Set, track and report time to SLA for issues not only for
Jira Core and Software but for tickets from Jira Service Desk.
SLA Time and Report
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SLA Time and Report


Configure criteria of SLA timer, calendar, and multi-cycle option. Set up SLA time goals, including highlights and automation action.

Both App and Project Custom fields can be used to track time to SLA.


Achieve customers’ objectives you promised by outlining what each functional IT department will need to undertake to accomplish support tasks and fulfill SLA

SLA Time and Report
SLA Time and Report


You may find out where the customer experience needs to be improved by looking at data concerning exceeded, met, and in-progress issues in SLA reports.

About Excellent Experience

An excellent user experience is more than just having a great ui, eye-catching pics, and useful content. It also entails providing excellent customer service, which you may accomplish by resolving consumers’ issues within a set time frame.

SLA Time and Report is a powerful SLA monitor widget that allows you to set and manage the details of your Service Level Agreements. It’s totally adaptable and an ideal solution for complex SLAs that require multiple conditions to be met.

Excellent experience
Determine deadlines

Determine deadlines to avoid breached SLA

To match your company’s needs, each target can be linked to a specific schedule. Create various calendars for different SLA Objectives or projects based on your tailored criteria. Set working days and hours, as well as vacation days and holidays.

You can also keep track of time without actually setting a deadline.

Configure as many SLA Agreements in Jira as necessary.

Our add-on allows you to store an unlimited number of service level agreements. You can add them to your JIRA projects for automatic calculation of all SLAs. To keep track of all necessary issue times, you can add numerous configurations to a single project. They can Start, Stop, and Pause separately.

Configure SLA Agreements
Avoid escalations

Avoid escalations with multi-triggers

If the time to resolve the ticket is approaching a breach of the SLA, the immediate reaction is essential. With SLA time goals setting, you can stimulate escalation up the management hierarchy to reduce the risk of unfinished issues.

This feature helps you to create an escalation path for customers to acquire the support they expect and automatically inform leads and managers when SLAs are about to be exceeded or already breached.

Analyze your SLA report to make business-driven decisions

You may require more information, such as reports, in addition to time tracking and monitoring. SLA Time and Report includes additional values such as SLA Analytics in Graph Table and Pie Chart. It will appeal to any project and support manager.

You also can view how well you are meeting your SLA policies with the SLA reporting dashboard. Measure such metrics as Time to First Response, Time to Resolution, Created vs Resolved using Atlassian gadgets on Jira Dashboard.

Analyze your SLA report
More features
Report customization

Report customization

Customize your SLA Report according to your SLA goals

Learn More
Jira Custom Fields

Jira Custom Fields

Keep track of your SLAs with the Target date and Status of the SLA goals in Jira Custom Fields

Learn More
Issue panel control

Issue panel control

Monitor the process of spending time and SLA time data to each ticket on Issue Tab

Learn More
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See what people saying about us
Steven Fisher

Solves a real problem

SLA Time and report solves a real problem of SLAs tracking for JSM and JSW projects. The support team is fast and responsible.
Elise Brancheau

Great solution

SLA Time and Report is a great solution for those who want set and track service-level agreements for all projects.
We are satisfied with it regarding functionality, cost advantage, and support.
Shahebaaz Shaikh

Useful plugin

This is a really good and useful plugin to track slas in JIRA cloud, Also exporting it to spreadsheets work.
John Stone

Price much lower

This is a good app for SLA tracking for Jira issues. Price much lower than Jira Service Desk. Our company use the plugin to measure the SLA for different projects. Keep up the good work.
Colin Brown

Exactly what we were looking for

This was exactly what we were looking for, Service Desk style SLA reporting, but in the standard JIRA interface.
Богдан Гродський

Very good App

Very good App for SLA tracking for Jira issues. The support team is fast and responsible.
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