SLA Time and Report

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SLA Plugin for Jira

  • Track your SLAs for Jira and get automatically generated SLA Jira reports easily.
  • Filter issue list by SLA status, SLA config,  JQL, SLA goals, etc.
  • Export your SLA Jira timeline report as XLSX or CSV file and use such external tools as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet to process the exported data.

Flexible SLA conditions

  • Specify your SLA time for Jira with Start/Stop/Pause conditions.
  • Set Multi-Triggers for each SLA goal: notification, changing reporter, changing priority, changing status.
  • Create Multiple Calendars to exclude non-working hours.
  • Set Multi-Cycle options to get the total duration of all issue cycles.
  • Add Custom fields to create Gadgets for Jira Dashboard, export data to Confluence, and filters issues by JQL search

SLA Statuses in Graphs View

  • Get chart views about the exceeded, met, and in-progress issues.
  • Сopy JSON URL for any SLA chart and use it as a source for external clip builders (e.g., Klipfolio, Geckoboard).

Main Benefits of SLA Time and Report:

  • All Project Types (Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management) are supported for setting up SLAs for your Jira issues. 
  • Set Start/Pause/Stop Conditions. You don’t need to know the JQL function. Use a simple config to set a condition for your SLA by using any issue field: status, issue type, priority, assignee(assignee group), due date, comment from (assignee, reporter, specific user), etc
  • You don’t need to use any Automation rules to turn on triggered actions. Set time limits for your SLA config -> set your SLA goal -> set an automated action for each SLA goal -> choose the automated action for overdue issues: status change, assignee and priority changes, notification. 
  • Add Custom fields to create Gadgets for Jira Dashboard, export data to Confluence, and filter issues by JQL search
  • Generate reports in both graph and table views. Share charts on external dashboards (e.g., Klipfolio, Geckoboard). Track SLAs on the Issue View Tab. 
  • Save your costs with SLA Time and Report. You don’t need to pay for setting and using SLA for 3 and more people. The price of SLA Time and Report is stable and lower than others.

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