SLA Time and Report

SLA time

This plugin allows to add SLAs to your Jira Cloud issues, even old one. Just install this application, and you’ll get a detailed view which issues breached SLA, which are not, and which are under the risk.

Keep track of the SLA status for an issue with SLA Time and Report:

  • Add custom SLA timers to your Jira issues
  • Specify statuses as a trigger to start and stop your SLA
  • Exclude breaks, non-working hours or holidays from the SLA time calculation
  • Use private or shared filters to generate SLA reports
  • Сhoose the timer output data format you prefer
  • Set columns to show different fields on the grid
  • Set up permissions for team members to view reports and configure the add-on
  • Use external tools like Excel or Google Spreadsheet to process exported XLSX or CSV files

To use add-on in your Jira Cloud application, please follow next steps:


  1. Login to Jira Cloud account as an administrator (these privileges allow to install the add-ons).
  2. Go to Jira settings -> Apps -> Find new apps.
  3. Type ‘SLA Time and Report‘ in ‘Search the Marketplace’ field and press ‘Enter’ button.
  4. Find the add-on in the list (‘SLA Time and Report’).
  5. Press the Free Trial button.
  6. After permissions acceptance, add-on will be installed.


  1. Find installed ‘SLA Time and Report’ add-on below Jira setting menu item.
  2. Click on it to enter.
  3. Go to ‘SLA config’ and add SLAs you need. Specify SLA timer value and start/stop statuses.
  4. Go to ‘Work schedule’ and setup your work calendar including breaks, holidays and working hours.
  5. Go to ‘Permissions’ and set the access rules for your teams or user groups.

Reports generation

  1. Add-on uses filters to provide the reports. If there are no filters defined at all – just create at least one and then share the access.
  2. After proper filter selection results will be displayed on the grid.
  3. You can add custom and standard fields to the grid using ‘Columns’ menu to play with output data.

Please email us in case you want to provide a feedback or feature request: [email protected]

Link to the add-on listing on Atlassian Marketplace.