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What is Leadpipe?

Designed to hit upon the idea that there must be a more effective method to sell, Leadpipe is the most efficient service aimed to help businesses scale their growth. Our job is to help teams identify their target prospects, track and monitor the sales trigger events, analyze all the sales signals, come up with a predictive analytics and provide our clients with qualified leads. Our goal is to build bridges between businesses with great offers and companies that need them.

The Leadpipe team consists of mission-oriented people whose main aim is to build an excellent product, produce brilliant ideas, constantly enhance their efficiency and be enormously helpful to our clients.

What does Leadpipe Do?

We provide the relevant and trustworthy interaction context between sales teams and their prospects. We help businesses reach out to their target companies by supplying them with comprehensive database of sales triggers and relevant up-to-date signals. All in all, we strive for acceleration of high-quality lead growth and fulfilment of the company’s sales and marketing pipeline.

How does It Benefit You?

  • Generating More Sales

Leadpipe service will help you find more sales prospects and be aware of the exact time to engage with them. Leadpipe will provide you with the qualified targeted leads, no matter where, to whom or what you are selling.

  • Deeper Insights into Clients Needs

Leadpipe will provide you with all the necessary data about distinctive changes that happen in your target company (funding events, office expansions, major hires, new executives, awards or news mentions, product launches, event announcement, etc).

  • Strong Connection with Prospects

With the help of the Leadpipe service you’ll be able to establish strong, long-term and trustworthy connection with your prospects. Leadpipe will provide you with all the necessary information required to build close and enduring relationship between your business and targeted company.

Leadpipe Values

We attempt to demonstrate our values within our daily work and customer interactions. We do our best to fulfill our client’s needs and expectations and enhance customer experience. Such concepts as excellence, accountability, integrity, constant growth and humility mean the world to the Leadpipe company.

Executive Team

Quick Facts about Leadpipe

  • Home Page:
  • Headquarters: Ternopil, Ukraine
  • In Business Since: 2017
  • Number of Customers: growing fast
  • Target Market: business owners, sales managers, sales teams, freelancers
  • Status: Privately held

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