Job Category: Management
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote

Main duties:

  • Coordination with the company’s founder on the vision of product development, ensuring the effective implementation of tasks in accordance with strategic goals, meeting deadlines, generating ideas and suggestions for product improvement
  • Effective interaction with a team of marketers, technical support, developers, work according to the SCRUM method
  • Participate in the discussion and creation of a strategy for product promotion and sales
  • Version and release planning, prioritization of tasks in backlog, description of functional requirements, prototyping of interfaces
  • Preparation of short- and long-term sales forecasts, special reports for management
  • Analysis of competitive decisions
  • KPI marketing strategy (definition, monitoring, adjustment of activities to achieve the set level)
  • Communication with customers and users on a regular basis

The skills that our future Product Manager colleague should have:

Required skills:

  • English level not lower (Upper Int or B1);
  • Have an understanding of Software development lifecycle;
  • Have experience of successful implementation of Software with a team;
  • Understand how SaaS models work
  • Ability to prescribe requirements for tasks with expected results
  • Confident user Jira, Confluence.
  • Clearly understand the principles of the Scrum and Kanban methodologies.
  • Ability to make functional presentations on video calls with developers and customers
  • Understand What Are The Key Key Performance Indicators Of Software Products
  • Ability to gather product requirements during the interview
  • Be able to describe Buyer and User persona

Additional skills:

  • Ability to make simple prototypes of interaction between the interface and users
  • Good technical level.
  • Experience working with clients and customers from different countries and cultures.
  • Understanding the principles of customer support.
  • Understanding the basics of digital marketing.

If you are not confident in your professionalism or do not possess some skills, but have a great desire to learn and master them, also send a summary, we will review it gladly and be able to teach you. Remember that it is better to try and not regret than not to try and regret!
We appreciate your talent and invite you to develop it with us!

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