Atlassian Marketplace Cloud App Pricing: What You Need to Know

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Cloud apps open up a universe of possibilities for streamlining your Atlassian workflows. But before you dive in, understanding how these apps are billed ensures you choose the right solution for your team and budget. Let’s unpack the key things to know about Marketplace cloud app billing.

Pricing & User Tiers

Marketplace cloud apps typically base their pricing on the number of users of your core Atlassian product. So, if you have 50 users for Jira Software, you’ll pay the 50-user price for any app you install on it. This simplifies budgeting and ensures the cost aligns with your team size.

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Matching Billing Cycles

Streamlined billing is key, and cloud apps play nice with their Atlassian counterparts. The billing cycle of your app will match that of your core product. So, if Confluence Cloud bills you monthly, all your installed apps will follow suit. No more juggling different due dates!

Understanding Jira Cloud Billing

Things get slightly more nuanced with Jira Cloud apps. Here, pricing aligns with the maximum number of users across all Jira products on your site. This means that if you have Jira Software (100 users), Jira Service Management (80 agents), and Jira Work Management (50 users), you’ll pay the 100-user price for each installed Jira Cloud app. 

Remember, the highest user tier across your Jira products determines the app pricing.

Cancellations and Adjustments

Flexibility is crucial. If you cancel a Jira product subscription (e.g., Jira Software), the app pricing automatically adjusts based on the remaining active users across your other Jira products. In our example, canceling the 100-user Jira Software subscription would lead to paying the 80-user price for apps based on the remaining 80 agents in Jira Service Management.

Who Can Purchase & Install

To maintain control over your Atlassian environment, most Marketplace apps can only be installed by site or org admins. However, end users can still discover and recommend apps by selecting Try it free > Request this app on any app listing. This empowers user choice while keeping control centralized.

By understanding these billing fundamentals, you can confidently explore the wealth of cloud apps available and choose solutions that meet your team’s needs and budget.

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