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Quarantine has forced many of us to work remotely. If you look from the positive side, this is a good opportunity to be home and wear cozy PJs. But how can you stay as productive as you are at work from the office? How do you work without communicating with colleagues, without the usual rallies, meetings, team reports, and tools?

We all understand the problems of remote work, but our team has experience working this way. We have worked remotely for years and not only managed to stay afloat, but also achieve good results and productivity.

If you’ve never worked from home before, it’s difficult now, but the time, the right tools, and self-management will help you appreciate the following benefits of working from home.

Tips and Tricks for work remotely

Here are some benefits for employees and for business advantages of having remote working teams by WeWork:

  • Better work-life balance
  • Employees have more freedom
  • Equals an increase in productivity
  • Saves companies money
  • Makes businesses more competitive


Communication on remote

Many people suppose that remote work is about less communication. But our experience shows that it is no problem because we live in the modern world with great communication options from home

  • Regular calls by hangout or skype (planed in the Google Calendar) for all team (weekly) and in each department (daily), one to one sings
  • Common massagers – we use skype and slack for all-day communication on the team. There are different groups: for hole team, for each product, for each department, the group for some informal discussion – place where our employers can communicate just for fun and nice spent free time)
  • Mobile for an extra alert situation

So despite to remove work we always on the connection

Task management

Our clients know how to manage projects online because everyone uses Atlassian Products. And if you haven’t used them yet – don’t waste your time and try them now.

  • Jira Software – it is the best tool for project management. It is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software.
  • Jira Service Desk – Help desk software which makes it simple for agents to organize, prioritize, and resolve requests so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Confluence –  tools for creating, collaborating, and organization all work in one place. We use it for documentation and internal features roadmaps.

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The best ways to control the performance of tasks and business benefits are by comparing plans and results. Analyze the dynamic of results during different periods of time by generating reports:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly plans and results at Google Docs and spreadsheets  
  • Jira Reports – Jira Software has a range of reports that you can use to show information about your project, versions, epics, sprints, and issues. 
  • Report Jira Service Desk – lets you look at trends in their project such as the amount and types of requests received, and how they’re resolved.
  • In Confluence analytic report we can view visiting statistic to our documentation page 
  • At the add-on Time in Status for Jira Cloud, you can use it to report aggregated data about time in status spending on charts (as Pie, Bar, and Area Charts.)
  • With SLA Time and Report and Time Between Statuses, we monitor results about adherence to time limits for completing issues or certain steps in solving it

Using all these tools will for sure keep you afloat, even in quarantine.

Take care and stay productive!

work remotely How to work remotely effectively? Useful tools and tips to make your work-from-home productive.
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work remotely How to work remotely effectively? Useful tools and tips to make your work-from-home productive.

  • Excellent tips and tricks! When I started to work remotely back in 2020, I had poor time management skills. Adopting a time tracker was a solution, I made to be more productive and manage my time better. It indeed worked out, and moreover, the app helps me focus on work without sacrificing work-life balance.

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